Announcement of B-BIO’s Own Ecosystem of Projects Under B-BIO, Formation of a Consortium With the BITONE Foundation, and Participation in the Bioland Project

Seoul, Korea – (NewMediaWire) – February 26, 2023 – BAB Foundation, a project under B-BIO, a healthcare device company, announces
the launch of its own ecosystem based on patient-generated health data (PGHD).

Patients who need
periodic blood component analysis, such as diabetes, will be equipped with
B-BIO’s Bluetooth blood meter, which automatically sends patient data to the
patient’s smartphone. Patients can receive tokens and sell their data to
pharmaceutical and healthcare companies, etc., and with the tokens obtained in
this way, they can purchase various healthcare products at the online mall
provided by BAB.

Background of the BAB Launch?

In the case of
B-BIO, they are targeting the global market. They needed to introduce
blockchain to make it easier for individuals to use in the global market. When
targeting the global market, they felt that blockchain was inevitably needed.

How to use BAB?

Foundation is a project under B-BIO, a healthcare device company, that creates
its own ecosystem based on patient-generated health data (PGHD). In addition, they
will form a consortium with the BITONE Foundation, the main net of the BAB Foundation,
to participate in the META BIOLAND project to serve as a major NFT provider and
to be able to swap with META, a key token in the Meta BIOLAND.

As a result, the
value of the BAB token is expected to increase further.

The response of B-BIO is good in the global market,
especially in Southeast Asia.

In the case of
B-BIO, they developed a blood glucose meter that is half the price of products
sold in the market using GDH (Glutamic Acid dehydrogenase) and carbon
electrodes. Compared to existing products that are expensive using gold
cartridges, B-Bio uses carbon materials to realize cost reduction and prove its
competitiveness by increasing the accuracy and response speed of the product,
and therefore has gained popularity with positive reviews in the market. In the
future, they plan to introduce a higher level of blood glucose meter and
various blood analysis equipment through continuous research and development.

B-BIO has
introduced a staking system.

The team is offering
a staking pool for tokens under Bitone as well as BAB through You can receive compensation not only from BAB but also
from coins listed under other Bitone affiliates. Compensation is paid at 3% per
month and 0.1% per day.

Objectives of the BAB Foundation

Foundation is currently discussing listing by communicating with various large
global exchanges. They will discuss actively and carefully with the goal of
listing in the first half of 2023, and will continue to make efforts to realize
all the projects being prepared according to the road map. Thank you.

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Contact: Kim Sung




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