Bee Mobile Eco-Friendly Electric Vehicle Company CEO Zef Vataj, Announces the Appointment of Revered Hollywood Agent Alan Morell to Their Board as Senior Advisor Strategic Initiatives

BEVERLY HILLS, CA and NEW YORK, NY  – (NewMediaWire) – March 07, 2023 – ANNOUNCED TODAY: March 7, 2023:  BEE MOBILE, an eco-friendly electric vehicle company Co-Founder and CEO Zef  Vataj announced today, that highly respected and revered Hollywood Agent, Alan Morell has been appointed to the board of Bee Mobile as Senior Advisor of Commercial Strategic Initiatives. Mr. Morell currently serves as Chairman and CEO of THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT AGENCY: Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP), Beverly Hills, CA. with partners worldwide serving New York, Toronto, London, Miami, Chiangmai in the disciplines of Business Affairs; Literary & Broadcast, TV/ Film Packaging, Commercial Rights, Licensing; Consulting, Sponsorships, Media Positioning, Intellectual Property (IP). 

Mr. Morell served previously as key Advisor to Bee Mobile Board on the Strategy Partnerships, positioning with Gross Capital; AON IP/ Venture Capital, Atom Power, Cybrswype, HUSH Aerospace, select municipalities and Fortune 500 hospitality properties. Mr. Morell currently serves on the Board of CMP, Bee Mobile, Hush Aerospace and Netcast.


Said CEO Zef Vataj: “It is my honor and distinct pleasure, as echoed by the Board of Directors of Bee Mobile, to announce Alan Morell becoming a member of our Board. Alan has been an incredible personal Agent to me for my Literary and Broadcast endeavors and through our close relationship, Alan introduced Bee Mobile to C-Suite decision makers for incredible strategic business relationships with literally one phone call, which might have otherwise taken us months to even get a meeting through cold contact.”

Said Agent Alan Morell: “Zef is one of those rare individuals, with a business background from Harvard and street smart intelligence, who has an incredible work ethic, focus and vision for his governance as CEO of Bee Mobile. At CMP, we take very seriously my 4 decades of high-end contacts and we are very selective as to whom CMP introduces. Zef and Bee Mobile have demonstrated their cutting edge eco-friendly concept, honor, integrity as reaffirmed by our investment banking , technology and hospitality relationships value added. I am excited to be part of and share Zef’s vision for Bee Mobile, both current and future.”

About Bee Mobile:

Bee Mobile is a fast growing, electric mobility company, focused on creating a universal electric vehicle transportation eco-system to help residents, commuters and travelers go to and from their destinations in a fun, green, economical and efficient way. Bee Mobile’s goal is to transfer all transportation to electric vehicles and make travel simple and reliable anywhere our riders go. 

Bee Mobile provides software API through the Bee Mobile app to allow Bee Mobile (and other) users to access Purpl stations whenever they are available for public use. Purpl charger users would also get special benefits through Bee Mobile for their use of the Bee Mobile app and platform.

About Alan Morell:

Mr. Alan Morell, Chairman and CEO, THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT AGENCY:Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP), has  over four decades of global experience in the successful development and management of Business Affairs Advisory, talent, literary, TV and film packaging, commercial rights, corporate consulting, media positioning, sponsorship of live events and intellectual property (IP) rights. Mr. Morell is one of the few in the sports, entertainment and the arts industries who has represented and managed clients, that have won the prestigious awards: Grammy; Tony; Oscar; Clio, Emmy, ESPY, Victors and New York Times and Amazon Best Selling Authors.

Mr. Morell began his career with International Management Group (now William Morris Endeavor IMG), where he served in a variety of executive offices including Corporate Vice President, (Executive of Talent, Commercial Rights, TV Packaging, Marquee Hospitality and Mergers & Acquisitions for Eastern and Western Hemispheres) serving corporate disciplines of global synergy within IMG diverse profit centers (International Management Inc.; International Merchandising Corp; Fashion Art Licensing; Trans World International).

Mr. Morell currently serves as Chairman and CEO of THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT AGENCY, Creative Management Partners LLC (CMP) a full service agency.

In addition to associations with virtually every major television broadcast news and programming networks in Corporate, Scripted and Unscripted (e.g. Disney ABC; Viacom CBS; Comcast NBC Universal, Warner Bros. Discovery, HBO, Showtime, News America FOX, ESPN, Bravo, NatGEO, A&E, E, Pivot, Meredith Video Studios,, OWN, LifeTime, MSNBC, CNBC, Time Inc., Coca Cola Entertainment, PepsiCo Entertainment, Google Inc); Mr. Morell has significant relationships in publishing and legitimate stage, foreign and domestic investment groups. In publishing, Mr. Morell’s client authors “works”, many of which are NY Times Best Selling Authors, have been bided out e.g. Publishers and his client Books to Film and Television; HarperCollins; Hachette, St. Martins Press, Grand Central, Hay House, Simon & Schuster, Penguin Random House, William Morrow, Macmillan, Harmony Crown, J. Boylston & Company, HBG USA,  et. al.

Throughout his career, Mr. Morell created and/or managed more than 3,700 campaigns for talent and events globally within the disciplines of Sports (including the management of the “Legends and Masters of Tennis”, which involved careers and campaigns of Rod Laver, Ken Rosewall, Bjorn Borg, John Newcombe, Illie Nastase, Bobby Riggs and Billie Jean King; “Masters of Hockey” with Phil Esposito and Bobby Orr; “Stars on Ice” with Scott Hamilton; “World Series of Golf” with Arnold Palmer; Entertainment (including management of the campaigns of Liberace, Henny Youngman, “Jilly Rizzo’s Rat Pack Tour” featuring Frank Sinatra, & Dean Martin, Pro-Celebrity campaigns with Charlton Heston, Gene Wilder, Gene Hackman and the Arts (including the management of campaigns for Bill Cosby, Bobby Short, Opera “Aida”, Three Tenors Tour w/ Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras, “Madame Butterfly” and the London Symphony Orchestra; Gaming campaigns for Riviera, Bellagio, The Mirage, Flamingo, Las Vegas Hilton, Trump Atlantic City, Monte Carlo S. B. M. Hotels, Casino’s.

Mr. Morell served as the Executive Producer, hired by the Vatican DOB for the Visit of Pope John Paul II to New York. Mr. Morell was engaged by Jay Coleman, for Commercial Representation of “The Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary Tour” and Literary Agent for musical Artist, Artist, Arnel Pineda, lead singer of JOURNEY. Served as Commercial Sponsorship Advisor to President Ronald Reagan and President Bill Clinton inaugurals. As Director and Chief Executive Officer of CatalystOne, Inc. (software company), was responsible for that company’s sale of software to the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) for the USVA sector.

At THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT AGENCY: Creative Management Partners, Mr. Morell’s client list ranges from select individuals in Literary; Broadcast; Sports, Entertainment, the Arts, to Global Corporations. Mr. Morell is the leading Agent with Doctors in Literary and Broadcast, Fortune 500Company’s e.g. Bob Arnot MD: “Aztec Diet” Harper Collins NY Times Best Seller; NBC; Campaigns: Google Health, General Mills, Pfizer; John Whyte MD: “Is this Normal” by Rodale Press”; Discovery Communications; Campaigns: Johnson & Johnson; Lily); Vijay Vad MD: “Stop Pain” Hay House; Eric Fisher PhD: “Eddie and the Emoticons”; CNN; Jingdaun Yang MD: “Facing East” Designer Norma Kamali, HarperCollins,; Christine Dumas Phd: “Today Show”; Giovanni Campaniele, MD “Sicilian Diet”; (CNN); Julio Gallo MD: Dr. Gallo & Co. Robert Lufkin MD, “Lies I Taught in Medical School; Stephen Sideroff MD “The Nine Pillars of Resilience and Success”; Frogwater Media, The Sainted by Michael Medico J.Boylston & Company. In literary, (books to TV and Film Packaging, as well as Shopping Channels for commercial products).

In the corporate sector, Mr. Morell consulting corporate relationships (include advising start up small cap CEO and Board of Directors, incubation companies for exit to Fortune 500 companies via strategic partnerships, bid-out, mergers and buy out strategy) e.g. Bee Mobile, The 24 Hour Real Estate Network; Hush Aerospace, NETCAST; Pfizer, Premier Model Management, Premier Mission UK, D’Alessio Law Group, EB5 Studio, Chambers Bros. Ent. LLC; Integrated Cancer Centers of America; Verthermia, New Cells Sciences; ProGena Cell, ICCofA, Titanic Deck Chair Company of Nantucket; Scientia II, GrossCap,PepsiCo, GeneralMills, NBC, AON IP / Venture Capital; HUSH Aerospace, Cybrswype Financial Processing, CoNexus Care-Global Cancer Therapies, Holographic Amusements LLC and Google.

Mr. Morell represents fiction and non-fiction Authors works to Publishers and for Film and Television Networks e.g. “Aztec Diet” by Dr. Bob Arnot, Harper Collins; New York Times Best Seller; Alan Trustman: “The Thomas Crown Affair”; “Bullitt”, and “They Call Me Mr. Tibb!“, “Judas”, “His Brother Keeps Her”; “Chasing The Ghost: The Life and Times of Charles The Ghost Kennedy” by Bill Malinowski.; “Escape From Plauen” by Renate Stoever iBooks to Solaris Entertainment for film; “Frankie Avalon Italian Family Cook Book” by Frankie Avalon, St. Martins Press; Clio Award-winning Producer, Director Richard D’Alessio for projects with Micromax Canvas Turbo with Hugh Jackman “Jerry Seinfeld for American Express”; “Jay Leno for Jay Lenos Garage”; “God and Man on Wall Street” by CNBC Craig Columbus Brick Tower Press; “Man on the Eat” with Chef Michael Love, Frogwater Media, Zodiak for Food Network; Emmy Award Producer Mike Morris “Diners Drive-Ins and Dives’ Food Network; Emmy nominated actor Thaao Penghlis, “Day of Our Lives” NBC; “Stop Pain” by Dr. Vijay Vad, Hay House Publisher; PBS Pledge Special; “Hazel’s Masquerade” by Sarah Trautvetter, Milk and Cookies Publisher; “Is This Normal” by Dr. John Whyte, Rodale Publisher, Discovery Channel; “Salvage Chef” by Chef Michael Love, Skyhorse Publishing;; “The Art of Empowered Parenting”; Eric Fisher, PhD, CNN “Tower of Thieves” AIG by Andrew Spencer, J. Boylston & Company; “Bear Trap” Fall of Bear Sterns by Andrew Spencer, Brick Tower Press; “The Greek Diet” by Maria Loi and Sarah Tolland, William Morrow; “Finding theSuperModel in You” by Claudia Mason, Skyhorse Publishing; “U-Boats in the Bahamas and Turks &Caicos” by Eric T. Wiberg, Brick Tower Press; “Eddie and the Emoticons” by Eric Fisher PhD, Milk and Cookies “Being Uncle Charlie”, Bobby Deasy Story: Random House; “Seducing Celebrities One Meal at a time” by Thaao Penghlis Brick Tower Press; “U. S. Immigration A-Z” by Lorraine D’Alessio Esq, IBooks; “Lose Your Heart, Not Your Mind: The Smart Women’s Guide to Marriage by Aliette H. Carolan, Esq.; “Read…Set..Risk!” by Daniella Levitt, J. Boylston & Co.; “Drink Right” by Dr. Bob Arnot, HarperCollins William Morrow; “The Oxygen Plan” by Eric Lucas iBOOKS; “Exposing the Wall Street Boys’ Club” by James Goldberg, with Danny Espinosa, Esq.; ”Chefs Run Wild”, Frogwater Media Inc,Tim Troke, IMG Distribution, NatGeo; “Escape From Plauen” optioned for film Solaris Entertainment; “she effin hates me” by Scarlett Savage, Skyhorse Publishing, Optioned for Legitimate theatre. “Osceola’s Revenge”: Phenomena of Indian Gaming by Gary Green. Gemini Award nominated and Primetime Emmy Award nominated voice performer Dwayne Hill: “Cat” in the PBS anchored “Peg + Cat”. “Venus Prime” rights held J. Boylston and Company Option to Purchase to Low Spark Films; ”The Secret”: The Treasure Hunt Motion Picture TV Media Rights held by iBooks to Claxson Interactive Group.; Venus Prime sold to Claxson Lifestyle Holdings LLC.

Mr. Morell has a rich history with Broadway, where he served as the Executive Producer of the Broadway shows “The Boys Next Door” and “I Never Sang For My Father”, as well as the commercial rights agent for “The Buddy Holly Story”, “Into the Woods”, “M. Butterfly” and “Meet Me In St. Louis”. Mr. Morell was the first executive to bring naming rights to the Great White Way, with the branding and sponsorship of Philip Morris International.

Mr. Morell supports the humanitarian efforts of Darfur; Clinton Foundation, Haiti Relief; Sconset Trust; MSPCA; served on the Board of Leadership for Mass General Hospital and is a graduate of the University of Florida. Mr. Morell’s book “Social Media: Rebranding Outside the Clutter 2.0” (working title) will be released in fall 2024 by iBooks.

Business Sites:

Bee Mobile – Be There Faster

Hollywood Talent Agent Icon Harry Abrams … – ExBulletin

2019-2020 Literary and Broadcast News: Announcing Creative …

2020-2021 Creative Management Partners (CMP … – AP News

Contact Information: 

Bee Mobile LLC 980 Broadway, P.O. 541, Thornwood, NY 10594 1-833-4-BeeMobl


Direct Dial: 508-292-7900 
9440 Santa Monica Blvd. Suite 301
Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210


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