BitFrontier Announces New Hosting Facility with 5-year Power Commitment


SAN JOSE, CA – (NewMediaWire) – February 20, 2024 – BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BFCH), a leading provider of crypto mining hardware and liquid immersion hosting centers, today announced a new south Texas hosting facility is now on-line and at 100% capacity. 

More than just a liquid immersion hosting facility, we’ve created a successful liquid immersion and air cooled hosting model with two industry-leading partners that can be replicated at scale for future sites. The new BFCH liquid immersion hosting facility houses 360 miners and is now up and running at 100% capacity. This facility will generate $115K/mo of recurring revenue and $35K/mo in profit.  

“Hosting is a very important part of our mission statement. All miner slots have been booked with a two-year lease which will provide BFCH market resilient recurring revenue. Partnering with an energy provider and a liquid immersion data center expert assures of a success model that we can replicate again and again.” – Andrew Gilton, CEO of BFCH.

Power accounts for approximately 80% of the OPEX in a mobile data center like ours.  Controlling power costs is key to protecting the recurring revenue stream we’ve developed. To keep our power budget in check, BFCH has signed a 5-year fixed price agreement with partner, 10NetZero, to provide us with power generated on site in south Texas. 

10NetZero works with Oil and Gas providers to monetize stranded natural gas deposits, reducing environmental impact, and enabling them to meet ESG guidelines. Instead of allowing natural gas to be released into the atmosphere, 10NetZero can deploy equipment to harness stranded gas deposits and convert it to power right on site. By doing this, 10NetZero and their O&G customers are protecting the environment while providing a reliable source of power for this site.

“Gas previously released into the atmosphere can now be harvested for applications like these, reducing emissions, and protecting the environment. 10NetZero is excited to partner with BFCH and Digital Carpenters to utilize the massive power we can generate on site to mine cryptocurrency. We’re excited for the future.” – Joel Fulord of 10NetZero.

To bring this site online, BFCH has partnered with Digital Carpenters, a pioneer in immersion-cooling applications for data centers. Digital Carpenters is the designer and operator of a 25 MW facility in West Texas that is the 3rd largest immersion cooled data center in the world, and the most power dense site at 3.3 KW sq. ft. 

“We have over 7 years of experience designing and operating data centers in the heat of south Georgia and West Texas and have anticipated what this facility will need to continue to run smoothly for BFCH’s hosted customers. We’re excited to partner with BFCH and 10NetZero on a modular data center deployment here in South Texas and look forward to replicating this environmentally-friendly data center model across the region.” – John Mathews, Founder & CEO of Digital Carpenters.

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About BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc.

BitFrontier Capital Holdings, Inc. is a leading provider of Crypto Mining Hardware and Hosting Centers. Consisting of ASIC Miners US, Inc. and Liquid Immersion Worldwide, Inc., BitFrontier is a one stop shop for purchasing the very latest mining equipment and strategically located hosting centers throughout the US. 

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