BITMIC Plans to Launch “NFT Cafe” Project to Popularize NFT

SINGAPORE – (NewMediaWire) – August 2, 2022 – Recently,
BITMIC announced that it will launch its “NFT Cafe” project to
diversify the existing NFT sales policies and providing various NFT sales

NFTs are fast becoming an investment
choice for many. As it gets popular, people are beginning to get the hang of
it. Because of its rarity, it’s getting more popular day by day. Although the
awareness of NFT is increasing though not many people know how to purchase the
NFT that they want.

To purchase NFT, the consumers must
find the place that sells the NFT for themselves and exchange their currency
for tokens that allow it. Those who are familiar with the process of purchasing
NFT may not have any issues, but those who are not may find difficulties.

BITMIC is planning to launch the ‘NFT
Cafe’ project to solve these issues.

NFT Cafe project is a service that
increases the accessibility to NFTs by displaying NFT artworks in offline brand
cafes that have partnered with BITMIC.

The objective of the NFT Cafe project
is to increase interest in NFT artworks by making them accessible to people in
their daily lives and to make it easier for artists and consumers, who are
reluctant to participate due to the complicated purchase and sale process, to
participate in related activities more easily.

Currently, BITMIC is under a
discussion with a number of cafes for the project and started exhibiting NFT
artworks in some of the cafes. The NFT Cafe project is now in its initial
stage, starting with a private brand cafe, and plans to expand its business to
famous franchise cafes such as Starbucks, and Coffee Bean in the future.

The NFT Cafe project has three

First, by exhibiting NFT art pieces of
popular artists, the cafe can get a portion of the profit from the sale of NFT
artworks, and also the cafe can decorate its interior with the NFT.

Second, after seeing the NFT art piece
in the cafe, consumers can purchase more intuitively and simply than the
existing NFT sales procedure.

Third, artists can promote themselves
by exhibiting their NFT art pieces in cafes with high foot traffic, and it
becomes a means to introduce their works to more consumers.

The project clearly has the
above advantages and a profit model; NFT art pieces will be exhibited not only
in cafes but also in places with high foot traffic.

In addition to the exhibition of NFT
arts, the BITMIC NFT Cafe project has plans to hold various events through the
BITMIC community.

The BITMIC NFT Cafe project is
expected to have a positive impact on artists who have partnered with the
BITMIC platform, such as the BITMIC NFT Marketplace and Metaverse Gallery in
the future.

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