Chenjiagou Taichi Grand Space in Wen County, Henan Province Creates “Taichi New IP”

Henan, China – (NewMediaWire) – July 29, 2022 – After ten days of fierce competition, the “Impression Taichi Cup” Wen
County Second Martial Art Championship ushered in the finals on July 15, 2022.
20 contestants showed their strength in the Taichi Grand Space and competed for
the championship of many competitions.

As the
birthplace of Taijiquan, Wen County in Henan Province has an unusual position
in Taichi martial arts, and the annual Wen County Martial Art Championships
also attract the attention of all sectors of society. In addition, the venue of
this competition, Taichi Grand Space, is a multi-functional sports and
entertainment venue specially built for Taichi culture, integrating science and
technology such as multimedia digital technology empowerment, high-definition
imaging system, virtual and augmented reality,etc. In conjunction with the
movement-style experience art “Impression Taichi” with Zhang Yimou as
the artistic consultant, it brings a completely different and extreme sensory
experience to the audience.

immersive interactive viewing mode

night, the finals of the Taichi Pushing Hands event were fiercely contested,
with the women’s 50kg, 60kg, over 60kg, and the men’s 50kg, 55kg, 60kg, 65kg,
70kg, 75kg, 85kg and above respectively competing for the champion and
runner-up. Taichi Pushing Hands is a double person free-hand confrontation
exercise of Taichi, which can best show the confrontational aspect of Tai Chi. The
two sides use techniques such as “Peng (warding off), Lv (rolling back),
Ji (pressing), An (pushing), Cai (pulling down), Lie (splitting), Zhou
(elbowing), and Kao (body stroke)” and other techniques to try to force
the other side’s center of gravity to lose balance, thereby winning. Thanks to
the combination of rigidity and softness in Taijiquan, Taichi Pushing Hands has
both the fierceness of martial arts competition and the harmonious oriental
rhythm, which is very ornamental.

from the ordinary martial arts competition venues in the past, the Taichi Grand
Space is a typical ring theater structure, with a square arena that can be
rotated 360 degrees in the middle. Above the arena, there are two layers of
square electric liftable projection screen. The auditorium surrounds the center
stage and is divided into inner and outer rings. The entire competition
process, combined with lighting, projection, and the interspersed performance
of “Impression Taichi”, opened up a new immersive interactive viewing
mode for the audience.

originated in Chenjiagou, Wen County. It was created by Chen Wangting on the
basis of home-based boxing in the 17th century, combining Yixue and traditional
Chinese medicine. After hundreds of years of inheritance, it has been widely
spread and inherited both at home and abroad. At present, Taijiquan is spread
in more than 150 countries and regions, and more than 80 countries and regions
have established Taijiquan organizations. Tracing back to its origin,
Taijiquan’s longevity is not only because of the charm of Chinese martial arts,
but also because of the Chinese cultural connotation and philosophical wisdom
carried by Taijiquan. Therefore, “Tai Chi” was included in the UNESCO
Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in 2020.

and multi-level creation of “Tai Chi culture IP”

in Wen County, as the “Holy Land of Taijiquan”, every year martial
arts competitions attract the attention of all walks of life. The number of
athletes participating in this competition has reached nearly 1,000, which can
be described as a grand event in the martial arts world. As the venue of the
event, Taichi Grand Space is a multi-functional venue for Tai Chi culture,
sports and entertainment built by Henan Zhixing Culture and Tourism. It was
built by the top design team of the Architectural Design and Research Institute
of Tsinghua University and won the Bronze Award of the 2020 World Architecture
News Network Awards.

For Taichi
Grand Space, technologically innovative venues are the foundation of “Tai
Chi Culture IP”. The two core projects, “Impression Taichi”
movement-style art performance and “Exhibition Taichi” Tai Chi
Cultural Experience Hall, are the display windows of its “Tai Chi World
View”. According to reports, “Impression Taichi” is the latest
chapter in the “Impression Series” created by Zhang Yimou’s team. Different
from the previous “Impression Series”, “Impression Taichi”
breaks through the concept of real landscape art performance, and interprets
the “shape” and “spirit” of Taijiquan culture with a
movement-style structure and international artistic expression techniques. It
can be said that “Impression Taichi” is an important sign of the
development of the Impression series from “cultural tourism performance
empowerment” to “cultural IP creation”.

“Exhibition Taichi” Experience Hall takes the development of
Taijiquan in Chenjiagou and the development of Taichi in the long history as
the main line. Through interactive experience, new media technology, artistic
expression and other forms, it will interpret and condense the history and world
cultural status of Tai Chi culture.

is one of the most cultural symbols with Chinese characteristics,

Grand Space breaks traditional boundaries, combines the latest technology and
trend development, and gives “Tai Chi”, a unique cultural IP in
China, a new era of significance. And based on Chenjiagou, the “Tai Chi
Holy Land”, Taichi Grand Space will show the symbol of Chinese Tai Chi
culture to the world.

powerful combination of this martial arts championship and Taichi Grand Space has
changed the traditional form of martial arts venues or sports venues in the
past, upgraded it to a more artistic and technological “arena”, and
given artistic and cultural performances. It can be said that it is a new
attempt to the traditional Chinese culture that has been passed down for
thousands of years. Through the empowerment of technology and art, this Taichi
competition has also achieved public ticket sales + live broadcast for the
first time, which is a milestone progress for Taichi industry culture.



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