DayJob Inu Launches $COURAGE Token on Binance Smart Chain

New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – July 12, 2022 – The
$COURAGE token is being launched on the BEP20 network by DayJob Inu, a
decentralized organization dedicated to using blockchain mechanisms to effect
social change.

DayJob Inu was founded in
response to relevant and pressing issues such as global inflation, economic
instability, and an unfair labor market, with the goal of contributing to their
resolution by providing a monetary incentive to their investor base to fight
for social change.

Their new utility token
$COURAGE is sure to make waves this season, with a digital labor marketplace
and major partnerships in the works.

Built on the Binance
Smart Chain, DayJobInu aims to achieve this by using cutting-edge blockchain
technology for good.

the blockchain for social change

DayJob Inu is commited to
streamlining the effort for social change by utilizing blockchain technology to
make the fight completely transparent, decentralized, and accessible to anyone.

Unlike traditional
organizations in the field, which are prone to corruption and slow bureaucratic
decision making, they aim to utilize web3 and DeFi technologies to take the
movement into the twenty-first century.

Namely DayJob Inu have
created a public, immutable ledger of all funds coming in and out of the
organization, which anyone can audit independently at any time. This makes Day
Job Inu the first verifiably decentralized and crowdfunded organization in its

As a result, Day Job Inu
has set its sights on quickly becoming the world’s most prominent charitable
community of its kind.

justice that pays off

Aside from donating to
and partnering with non-profits that fight for economic stability, Day Job Inu
plans to create a suite of crypto-friendly applications, including a
marketplace that connects employers with people looking for online work and
allows anyone to earn regardless of skill level or proficiency, and a platform
app that will provide financial education and counseling in a decentralized
manner. This will encourage holding while simultaneously increasing demand,
driving up the price of the utility token.

The platform is powered
by the $COURAGE token that is tied to the immutable ledger of funds. As such,
it was designed to inspire trust and confidence in invetors.


Under the motto
“Decentralize your day job, finance your future”, The $COURAGE token
is designed to prioritize functionality and efficiency. For every token
transaction made, a portion goes to the treasury. The community will then
decide which charitable organizations should get a portion of the funds raised.
This voting method insures both transparency and eliminates the risk of
misappropriation of the organizations’ funds.

The token was fairly launched
on July 7th at 18:00 UTC, the total supply has been put on the market and
anyone can invest and become part of the Day Job Inu community.

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