Eastport Financial Group Inc’s Team of Financial Advisors Have Helped Communities Thrive with Over a Decade of Dedicated Financial Support for Local Organizations

Halifax, Nova Scotia – (NewMediaWire) – March 21, 2023 – Eastport Financial Group Inc. has not only provided customized financial planning services but also played a role in raising more than $100 million over the past decade. Through the JDWL Foundation, the financial advisors in Halifax have provided financial support to several community-based organizations. In addition to accepting donations, the company donates all proceeds from the sales of Jonathan Lewis’ book, “Deep Water,” to the cause.

The Canadian financial advisors have 220+ years of combined industry experience. The team, made up of strategic wealth planners, tax and estate integration professionals, business and leadership coaches, retirement experts, and wealth managers, helps clients plan and add meaning to their financial lives. 

To help clients reimagine wealth, the company starts by assisting them in asking the right questions. The main purpose of starting the journey to a more purposeful life with questions, according to Eastport Financial Group Inc, is because life is bigger than a good portfolio. In meetings, the team actively listens to their clients and helps them identify the right questions to ask. From there, they work together to explore new frontiers and find solutions.

Clarity and transparency are paramount to Eastport Financial Group Inc’s business model. Regardless of where the client is on their financial journey, the experts are dedicated to providing all the necessary support while being as open and understandable as possible. Additionally, the company places a high value on fostering long-lasting relationships, as they are dedicated to helping clients pass on their resources and values to future generations.  

Eastport Financial Group Inc is dedicated to working with all financial institutions, all for the benefit of their clients. Through collaboration with these institutions, the advisors make it easier for clients to manage risk, access and redirect their money and minimize tax-related events. Besides ensuring the financial levers are in the client’s favour, all calculated financial moves are made with a careful balance of caution and discipline. 

The company also assists clients in growing their investments. Through wealth management, tax planning, and rigorous fund manager selection, the team puts the clients on the right road to prosperity. They analyze various factors, including current economics and the client’s capacity for risks, to curate strategies that create the best chances for success. 

Canadians interested in preserving their wealth and protecting their assets in the uncertain global economy can work with Eastport Financial Group Inc. To create personalized strategies, the team considers the client’s assets, legacy, investment portfolio, family and relationship dynamics, goals, and business. Moreover, they avoid harmful societal, government, and market trends that often lead to undisciplined behaviour and negative consequences. 

Eastport Financial Group Inc. goes the extra mile to educate clients, even though most may only be interested in using insurance to safeguard their wealth. Clients are taught various techniques to structure their assets and accomplishments to protect their legacy and ways to minimize their tax burden successfully.

In addition to assisting clients in planning, the firm helps clients adapt to life events. Whether it is a divorce, a decision to own a business, the demise of a loved one, or children going to universities, the firm is dedicated to ensuring the changes do not lead to mismanagement or cutting corners. 

The team also works with clients, mainly through coaching, in redefining their relationship with money. As a result, they limit drama, stress, and unpredictability, which are synonymous with change. Other ways to ensure the client navigates life events include assisting them in planning for liquidating and diversifying their investment. 

Speaking about the company, a client noted: “I choose to work with Jonathan & his team at Eastport Financial as they share our values of valuing ’long term relationships’ over ‘short term profits’. His team took the time with us to really understand our goals and map out a plan to help us get there.”

Clients interested in the services of a financial advisor can contact the team at (902) 474-5433. Eastport Financial Group Inc is located at 371 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd. Suite 201, Halifax, Nova Scotia, B3N 1J8, CA. Visit the website for more information.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Eastport Financial Group Inc

Contact Person: Jonathan Lewis

Phone: (902) 474-5433

Address: 371 St. Margaret’s Bay Rd. Suite 201

City: Halifax

State: Nova Scotia

Postal Code: B3N 1J8

Country: CA


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