Eloisa Marchesoni Launches Tokenomics.Agency, LTD; Debuts “Crypto Pills” and Several Supporting Web3 Community Thought Leadership Channels

The 25-Year-Old Tokenomics Engineer Scales Successful Personal Web3 Consultancy Practice Into a Thriving Small Agency; Special Focus on VC-Backed Projects


New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – December 09, 2022 – PhillComm Global today announced its client Eloisa Marchesoni, a leading global tokenomics engineer, has officially launched Tokenomics.Agency LTD, a boutique consultancy working with both legacy tier 1 brands and enterprise, VCs and funds, and some of the most exciting startups in DeFi and crypto. 

Marchesoni is an Italian-American self-made crypto-entrepreneur, modern digital nomad, leading American Tokenomics expert, disruptive tech business angel, crypto investor and advisor at Shima.capitalLongHash VenturesGSR Ventures, MetaDhana Studio and Misfit Ventures

At only 25 years of age, Marchesoni has already advised over 35 startups, financed multiple tech patents, and exited 2 fintech firms. She is often cited as a top cryptocurrency expert in international media, such as Forbes, CNN, Wired, and others, and has topped lists as the N.1 FinTech leader and the highest paid blockchain speaker.

Born in the U.S.A but raised in Italy, first in Perugia and then in Milan, Marchesoni started her career in 2016 at only 18 years of age as an ICO, IEO and STO advisor across Russia, South Eastern Asia, Latin America and Europe. Now, with an approximate net worth of 16.7M, Marchesoni is focusing her attention on DeFi, NFTs, GameFi and especially on projects aimed at aiding the mass adoption of blockchain technology and its applications. 

Simultaneous with the agency’s client work, Marchesoni will continue to grow her thought leadership communities: Telegram’s “Crypto Pills” channel; her popular medium page, and Spotify podcast. These communities offer an avenue for crypto enthusiasts and retail participants in the space to have free access to some of the same content and ideas as agency clients. 

“I have always been interested in being a humble educational resource for all people interested in web3, a space I love with my entire being,” Marchesoni said. “The launch of the agency is a thrilling moment for the team, and me personally; and I hope that our public digital communities continue to provide a gateway into the work we do for our clients.”

Tokenomics.Agency LTD is officially open for business. 


Tokenomcis.Agency LTD is a newly launched global consultancy helmed by Eloisa Marchesoni, a Tokenomics Engineer focusing on token model architecture, token macro-/micro-economics structure, crypto market simulations and gamification strategies for Web3 businesses. Marchesoni’s team currently partners with VCs and accelerators, while also working as advisors to self-funded crypto startups- work that Marchesoni first began in 2016.


Founded in 2021 by Jon Lindsay Phillips, PhillComm Global is an elite group of PR and marcom masters specializing in emerging industries, new categories and launches, working with a mix of dynamic startups and larger firms. Expert, award-winning practice areas are largely B2B and include web3, technology, new media, adtech, edtech, medtech, cyber/trust, life sciences, cannabis/hemp, sustainability, and more. PhillComm offers highly bespoke services for visionary businesses.

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