Hand Rolled Pre-Rolls Available at The Pot Shop

San Francisco, CA – (NewMediaWire) – November 17, 2022 – The Pot Shop
is proud to announced the availability of two types of hand rolled
pre-rolls. Mason Johnson, a spokesman for the company noted “These two
premium flower hand rolled pre-rolls come in either regular or infused
depending on the desired percentage.”  Cannabis patients have long been
known to roll their own joints or blunts, however with the advent of
pre-rolls gaining more and more popularity in the last decade, cannabis
patients can now enjoy their cannabis in a quicker way and skip the
rolling process.  Pre-rolls are now so popular, many cannabis startups
are selling several hundreds of millions of dollars just in pre-rolls
sales.  It’s incredible that some of these companies are eyeing billion
dollar, unicorn valuations.  These valuations have gotten some serious
cannabis investors excited about the potential growth in the industry. 
Maryland and Missouri are states that have recently passed cannabis
legislation in the midterms and this has further solidified that
cannabis in the United States is getting closer and closer to Federal

Although cannabis legalization did not pass in 3
other states, namely Arkansas, North Dakota and South Dakota for
recreational use, medical cannabis is still available.  It is noteworthy
that more than 50% of states have medical cannabis and almost 50% have
recreational cannabis legal.  It seems like areas that are more strongly
Republican are more reluctant to pass recreational cannabis
legislation.  However, as the voting base ages, we will see how younger
generational voters view cannabis from a legal basis.  For the cannabis
industry, hopefully medical professionals will start seeing the positive
benefits as seen with CBD.  

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Media Contact
Name: Roy Smith
Company Name: The Pot Shop
City: San Francisco
State: California
Country: United States

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