iCoreConnect Introduces iCoreVerify to Solve One of the Biggest Challenges in the Dental Industry with its Insurance Benefits Verification

iCoreConnect New Product Launch Enables Real-Time
Insurance Benefit Checks

Windermere, FL – (NewMediaWire) – July 15, 2021 – iCoreConnect,
Inc. (OTCQB: ICCT) has solved the long-standing dental industry problem of
money and time lost to an unrelenting amount of insurance verification phone
calls and delays in benefit information.  Without benefit information, a
patient doesn’t know how much they can expect to pay for a needed treatment,
often resulting in a failure to schedule advanced procedures. 
iCoreVerify, a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) real-time insurance benefits check,
compresses a previously hours or days-long process into a single click by
providing dental practices immediate access to benefit coverage from more than
2,100 insurance companies. 

iCoreVerify is the latest
product to market from iCoreConnect.  It provides dental offices
real-time, trackable coverage data. The doctor’s staff clicks a button then
immediately and accurately knows the amount the patient’s insurance plan states
it will cover for various types of procedures.  iCoreVerify can
automatically check insurance benefits seven days prior to a patient visit and
empowers offices to check instantly anytime they choose. “This is a really big
deal for the dental industry,” states Robert McDermott, iCoreConnect President
and CEO. “For many practices, iCoreVerify eliminates manual insurance calls
regarding 80%-90% of patients, allowing the staff to focus their time on
patient accounts that might require an information correction.  This type
of knowledge means less opportunity for costly insurance denials and a huge
reduction in staff labor hours.  Plus, iCoreVerify calculates revenue
projections giving the doctor a financial understanding of his or her schedule
each day.”

By immediately understanding
expected out-of-pocket costs, the patient can accept and schedule advanced
treatments before they ever leave their diagnostic appointment. The patient
saves time, avoids traditional insurance confusion and, most importantly, books
the treatment they need.  The dental office can substantially increase
scheduling and completion of important procedures while simultaneously reducing
and most often avoiding labor-intensive phone calls to many insurance

“After the remarkable success of
iCoreRx electronic prescribing, we could not be more excited to bring another
product to the iCoreConnect SaaS platform that empowers dental practices by
leaps and bounds,” states McDermott. “From the beginning, we’ve been building a
full SaaS platform based on the direct feedback of our customer base. 
We’ve been listening closely to our customers, and the reception to iCoreVerify
has been a mix of elation and disbelief at how much it improves their business
operations with the click of a single button.”  

iCoreVerify marks the 15th
product of the innovative iCoreConnect SaaS platform focused on accelerating
healthcare business workflow.  Products across the platform have now
earned more than 50 state dental or medical association endorsement agreements.


iCoreConnect is a cloud-based,
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform focused on increasing profit and
operational speed in high-compliance industries. iCoreConnect is most notably
known for its innovation in solving healthcare business problems. The company’s
philosophy is built on a high level of customer feedback, allowing iCoreConnect
to respond to the market’s needs.  iCoreConnect touts a platform of more
than a dozen SaaS enterprise solutions and more than 50 agreements with state
or regional healthcare associations. iCoreConnect is a member of the
prestigious StartUp Health accelerator.

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