Japan Keystone Announces the Launch of SoyJOCK TVP Strips Vegan Meat Substitute

NAGOYA, JAPAN – (NewMediaWire) – January 19, 2023 – Japan Keystone launches SoyJock Organic
Dried Soy Beans Protein Strips in a Chicken Wing Shape. The organic TVP
(textured vegetable protein) vegan meat substitute is Climate Pledge

SoyJock Chicken Wing Shape (by Japan Keystone)
has garnered several certifications which attest to the quality of the
product and the care taken to provide alternatives to meat protein.
SoyJock protein strips vegan meat are made from 100% natural organic
soybeans. The high-quality Japanese-grown soybeans are USDA-Certified organic and are non-GMO. 

Soybeans are an exceptional source of protein. They contain all the essential amino acids needed in a healthy diet. Japan Keystone’s SoyJock
Chicken Wing Shape strips are a high-fiber meat substitute made from
soybeans. They have no cholesterol or fat. The TVP (textured vegetable
protein) strips are reconstituted with hot water. In just fifteen to
twenty minutes, the strips are ready to be used in a variety of dishes. 

Chicken Wing Shape is a healthy and convenient choice for those who are
vegan or trying to lose weight. Because the strips are high in fiber,
they can be helpful in reducing constipation. They are an excellent
choice for those who are trying to lose weight or to maintain a healthy

The chicken-wing-shaped soy strips have no flavor, so the
seasoning opportunities are limitless. The chewy texture is similar to
chicken. Dishes can be prepared using techniques of marinating the
strips, sauteing them, and adding sauce or other ingredients. Stir-fry
with a choice of vegetables, stews, curry, soups, or plated over rice
are a few of the options to create a meal. Seasoned soy strips are
suitable for fajitas, burritos, tacos, or chicken burgers.  Japan Keystone’s
SoyJock can also be used as a topping for ramen noodles or salads. The
texture of the strips varies according to the amount of water used to
reconstitute the strips. 

Climate Pledge Friendly is a recognition
of sustainability certifications to place a spotlight on products that
support a commitment to help preserve the natural world. Organic farming
creates healthy soil and healthy soil creates healthy food and a
healthy environment. Organic food contains a higher level of vitamins,
minerals, and enzymes than are found in conventionally raised food.

They are available to ship immediately. Japan Keystone’s
SoyJock offers a subscription service that provides regular shipments
of the products at customer-selected intervals and a discounted price.
The resealable package is an 8-oz size and contains about ten servings.
The calorie count is 81 per serving. Other nutritional information
includes calcium, iron, and potassium.

ABOUT: Japan Keystone is part of Global Brand Inc., with over 100 manufacturers represented. See additional products and information at The SoyJock Store. 

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