Joe’s Academy of Music Provides Equal Access to Arts Through St Albans Music Lessons for All Ages

Queens, NY – (NewMediaWire) – October 28, 2022 – Joe’s Academy of Music is waxing strong on its mission of providing equal access to the arts through its range of lessons and services to the community and its members. Established in 1998, the academy has since graduated over 9,000 students who have passed through different art classes and teaching, including dozens of musical instruments, voice training, classical and modern dance classes, etc. The academy, open to students of all ages, aims to help more people find creative ways to express themselves and their desire to make a change in society. Proud of what it has achieved in the past, the academy continuously expands its curriculum while bringing in the best and brightest minds to ensure students are getting the most benefit from each lesson they participate in.

Joe’s Academy of Music was founded by Dr. Jolander Headley, a multi-faceted entrepreneur who united her passion and purpose to establish a project that’ll continuously touch lives and shape the future of arts in Queens, Brooklyn, and the surrounding areas.

Describing the founder whose early life was influenced by music, the academy’s spokesperson said: “Following her education in Piano Studies and Music Theory from Juilliard School of Music and Berklee College of Music, Jolander became known to her community for teaching children music. Starting as a home operation with only a few students to establishing multiple locations throughout New York City, Joe’s Academy of Music has grown to be one of the largest privately-owned arts schools in Queens and Brooklyn under the leadership of Jolander. Bringing 26 years of corporate experience, Jolander seeks to continue to expand Joe’s Academy of Music to help people of all ages and backgrounds find their rhythm—both in music and in life!”

The passion for music and arts at Joe’s Academy of Music shows in the quality of teaching, curriculum, and learning materials available to students. Students interested in the music classes will have access to various musical instruments based on their preferences. Some common musical instruments taught at the academy are orchestral strings, guitar, piano, drums and percussion instruments, brass instruments, woodwinds, and more. Students are also welcome to partake in their vocal classes which take them through the different areas of voice training to become better at what they are passionate about.

Students at Joe’s Academy of Music have access to many perks that make the academy a great one for them to be in. One of them includes flexible schedules with 30, 45 or 60-minute private lessons students can choose from. More perks include a comfortable and safe environment to learn and express themselves, more choices to select from through a team of instructors who are ever-ready to work with students, the same benefits as offered in on-site learning, world-class instructors with years of teaching experience, and lots more.

Students interested in the dance classes and looking to learn more about their St. Albans office can place a call to the academy for more information. The academy offers different dance classes, including Jazz dance classes, hip-hop and liturgical dance classes, contemporary dance classes, and even ballet dance classes. Those interested in tap dancing can also enroll at the academy to be taught by experienced coaches who have practical and professional experience in all areas of their teaching. 

Joe’s Academy of Music also organizes summer camping experiences for its students, helping them relax, learn in a different environment, and have fun while doing it. The summer camp offers different activity lineups, including trips, dance, visual arts, STEM, music, photography, and runway shows.

Interested students of all ages are welcome to contact Joe’s Academy of Music to learn more about admission and admission requirements. The art academy is located at 114-04 Farmers Blvd., Queens, NY, 11412, US and can be reached via phone at (718) 454-3036. For more information, visit their website.

Media Contact:

Company Name: Joe’s Academy of Music

Contact Person: Jolander Headley

Phone: (718) 454-3036

Address: 114-04 Farmers Blvd.

City: Queens

State: NY

Postal Code: 11412

Country: US


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