King of Hemp’s New Website Designed to Increase Revenues

New design, more products, faster to navigate

Las Vegas, NV – (NewMediaWire) – July 20, 2021 – Hemp,
 (OTC PINK: HEMP), an established leader in the industrial
hemp industry, announces its newly restructured King of Hemp® website.

The revamped site,
which was recently launched, will advance the distribution of high-quality hemp
products manufactured under the company’s King of Hemp® brand.

The King of Hemp® products include a wide variety of
smokables and dabs, all made with premium organic hemp. CBD gummies and newly
formulated CBD tinctures will soon be available. Customers now will also be
able to purchase the next series of King of Hemp pre-rolls featuring the
Cannabis Smugglers of yesteryear. These products will be announced in upcoming
press releases.

Hemp, Inc.
 can further support the company’s mission by making the King of Hemp®
product purchases a win/win scenario, because it generates revenue for the
company and the King of Hemp® offers only the highest quality CBD and CBG products.

Investors can support their investment in Hemp, Inc. by
purchasing King of Hemp® CBD products. Jim Hancock, newly
announced President of Hemp, Inc., stated, “This now provides an
opportunity for tens of thousands of Hemp Inc.’s shareholders and potential
shareholders to purchase the company’s products online and see for themselves
the results of their investment. We are planning massive marketing campaigns to
lock this in and expect to generate significant revenues from our website
because of this.”

Full product
 and laboratory analysis for every King of Hemp®
product is accessible online.

Visitors to the King of Hemp® website can also discover more about the legendary “King of Hemp®
, Bruce Perlowin. Perlowin co-founded, along with Don
Steinberg, the first publicly traded company in the marijuana industry, Medical
Marijuana Inc. Perlowin then started the first publicly traded hemp company, Hemp, Inc.  Founded in 2008 as Preachers
Coffee, Bruce Perlowin changed the name to Hemp, Inc. in 2012. Bruce Perlowin
recently resigned as CEO of Hemp, Inc after 13 years and is now Hemp, Inc’s
Chief Visionary Consultant. Perlowin stated, “Now as the Chief Visionary
Consultant, I can focus on the future of the company by launching new,
innovative Hemp products like hempwood, hempcrete, and more than twenty-five
thousand products that can be made from hemp. I will also be focusing on
working with other companies in our industry to collectively pool our resources
together and complete the vision of making the United Stated the largest Hemp
exporter of the world instead of the largest importer. I am available to be a
consultant for other companies as well since very few people out there have the
experience and knowledge I gained over the last 13 years as Hemp, Inc’s
CEO.” Companies within the industry can contact Bruce at

Hemp, Inc. began shipping its King of
Hemp® products to stores across the country in late 2020 and is rapidly
expanding its retail presence in health and wellness stores, convenient stores,
gas stations, CBD stores, dispensaries and major chain stores across the United
States. A full list of locations to be announced and will be available on the
King of Hemp’s® website. Any retail locations or online
interested in carrying King of Hemp® products can

King of Hemp® products

King of Hemp®
 include CaviarDiamondsPre-RollsFortified
 and high-CBG Pre-Rolls under the Midnight Express moniker.
The next in the pre-roll line will be a CBD/CBG combination featuring the
notorious Smith Brothers, legendary Marijuana smugglers of the past. Any
ex-marijuana smugglers who would like to be part of the King of Hemp pre-roll
line can contact Bruce Perlowin at A percentage
of these sales will go to a fund to support freeing marijuana prisoners
currently incarcerated.

King of Hemp® Tinctures are currently sold out, but new-formulation tinctures will
be available at the King of Hemp® online store and at retail locations very
soon. King of Hemp® Gummies are expected to be ready for distribution shortly, too.

of Hemp® Caviar
 (previously called Moon Rocks) offers high CBD
potency and a rich taste. The Caviar is made from high-quality Bubba Kush hemp
flower, coated in a THC-free distillate and then rolled in CBG-rich kief. While
Caviar can be smoked in a pipe or vaped, it should not be rolled into a

of Hemp® Diamonds
 contain over 95% CBD and are derived from
terpene-infused THC-free distillate. Diamonds are consumed by dabbing. This is
the only product of its kind in the market-place today.

The robustly flavored King of Hemp® Pre-Rolls are made from
organically grown, pesticide-free Bubba Kush hemp wrapped in RAW Natural
Rolling Paper. The unique wrapper is made from 100% plants with no added chalk
or dyes. Pre-Rolls are sold online as singles and
in a six-pack.

 utilize the King of Hemp® Pre-Roll and cover it with
high-CBD distillate and hemp kief. These highly potent, flavorful pre-rolls are
recommended for experienced smokers.

Midnight Express, a high CBG Pre-Roll, is made from premium hemp
flower. Named to honor of the 1977 book by Billy Hayes, Midnight Express and
the award winning movie, Midnight Express, produced by Oliver Stone
, this is the most recent
addition to the King of Hemp® online store.

Hemp, Inc. uses a proprietary process for
its Pre-Rolls, which includes blending the best flower from numerous hemp
crops. King of Hemp®
 offer smokers a unique, consistent profile every

Impeccable quality, exceptional value

Laboratory certificates showing cannabinoid profiles and quality
control analyses are readily available online for every King of Hemp® product by clicking the “View COA”
button located under the photo on each product page. King of Hemp® products do not exceed 0.3% THC.

All King of Hemp® products
should be stored in their provided containers at temperatures between 60 and 75
degrees Fahrenheit.

King of Hemp Rewards offers
multiple ways to earn points in order to receive discounts on
future orders. This generous customer loyalty program is available only through
an opt-in

To place an order

Orders can be placed directly via the secure online shop
at Flat-rate shipping in the United States is $4.99 per


What is Hemp, Inc.? With a deep-rooted social and environmental
mission at its core, Hemp,
 seeks to build a business constituency for the American
small hemp farmer, the American veteran, and other groups experiencing the
ever-increasing disparity between tapering income and soaring expenses. The
Company is on a mission to be a powerful engine for social change and economic
revival, worldwide, by providing hemp products that are eco-friendly,
sustainable and healthy. Hemp, Inc. executives believe there can be tangible
benefits reaped from adhering to a corporate social responsibility plan.


It has been Hemp, Inc.’s intent to continually invest in
building its hemp infrastructure, especially since none existed previously. In
fact, the Company has instinctively been following the same path as Amazon…
reinvesting profits and operating capital back into building the
infrastructure. This is a business strategy that has been proven and works

All the years leading up to this point were building and
finishing the largest hemp infrastructure in America and now the Company is
focusing 90% of its efforts on marketing and generating revenues. The result,
so far, has been almost crossing the million-dollar mark in revenue in just 10

Hemp, Inc.’s ten divisions are as follows:

Division One – The Industrial Hemp Infrastructure

Division Two – The Hemp Farming Infrastructure

Division Three – The Hemp Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending

Division Four – The Hemp Educational Infrastructure

Division Five – The Hemp Marketing Infrastructure

Division Six – Accessories, Products and Services

Division Seven – Research and Development

Division Eight – Industrial Hemp Investments and Joint

Division Nine – Industrial Hemp Consulting

Division Ten – Educational Entertainment

Division One – The
Industrial Hemp Infrastructure

The Industrial Hemp Infrastructure (Division
One) currently consists of two hemp processing facilities across the
country, with two more under development, which will include an in-house
third-party testing laboratory. The largest of the two is its multi-purpose industrial
 processing facility and milling operation in Spring Hope,
North Carolina. It’s the largest “industrial hemp processing center” in the
western hemisphere and has grown to become one of the pre-eminent centers of
the industrial hemp industry. The 85,000 square foot facility sits on 9-acres.
It is environmentally sustainable and was built from the ground up in hopes of
“Making America Hemp Again.” With a patent pending manufacturing process, the
North Carolina facility is operating full time to process millions of pounds of
the Company’s unique kenaf-hemp blend, to manufacture all-green natural loss
circulation material (LCMs), called DrillWall® .

“We currently have 769,794 pounds of raw kenaf bales, 363,225
pounds of DrillWall®; and 453,000
pounds of Spill-B-Gone™. That’s a total of 1,586,019 pounds of product which
translates into finished product that will be sold for $1 – $4 per pound,” said

In addition to the company’s industrial hemp processing facility
in Spring Hope, North Carolina, Hemp, Inc. also rents one of the most
sophisticated local processing centers (LPC) in White City, Oregon which
focuses on hemp harvesting, drying, curing, trimming, bagging, storing, and in
some cases selling high CBD hemp for local farmers and the Company’s own hemp
grows in that area, and post processing for the CBD industry. The Company’s
focus is the “King of Hemp®
 pre-rolls and high CBD smokable buds… a new phenomenon of
smoking hemp which has caught the marketplace by storm.

Hemp, Inc. and their associates also have 4,500 acres of land in
Golden Valley, Arizona (100 miles from Las Vegas, 20 miles north of
Kingman, AZ). Out of the 4,500 acres of land, 500 acres are designated for the
Veteran’s Village Kins Community (VVKC) for Arizona. Hemp, Inc. is preparing
80+ acres, of the 500 acres, for hemp cultivation. The company aims to boost
the economies of these towns by offering affordable hemp processing services,
which incentivizes local growers to add hemp to their crop rotation. The
company is continuing to scout new locations for local processing centers in
Florida, Kentucky, West Virginia, Puerto Rico, North Carolina and several other

Thus far, Hemp, Inc.’s Local Processing Center (LPC) in Oregon
has employed over 200 employees during its 2018 harvest season and over 300
employees during its 2019 harvest season. As of first quarter 2020, the Company
has employed close to 50 employees who are bucking, trimming, sorting, bagging
and shipping the Company’s high quality premium Pre-98 OG Bubba Kush hemp.

Division One Products:

· DrillWall® (a loss circulation material)

· Spill-Be-Gone® (an
oil spill cleanup product)

· Hemp

As of first quarter 2020, Hemp, Inc. is fulfilling a $1 million
dollar sales agreement, through its subsidiary, Industrial Hemp Manufacturing
(IHM), for its DrillWall®. According to CEO, Bruce
, the Company has executed a sales agreement to sell $1
million worth of DrillWall® over the course of one year. IHM received its first
$30,000 payment and shipped the first batch of DrillWall® out in December, 2019
and another $60,000 payment was received for the second batch of DrillWall® in
February, 2020 and a $30,000 payment in March, 2020. “We expect the remaining
balance from the $1,000,000 over the next few months,” said Perlowin. IHM is
based in Spring Hope, North Carolina, and is the production facility for DrillWall®, along with other industrial hemp

Division Two – The Hemp
Farming Infrastructure

The Hemp Farming Infrastructure (Division
Two) consists of hundreds of acres of hemp and kenaf growing in multiple
locations, farm equipment, cloning rooms, clones and seeds, grow rooms,
greenhouses, hemp drying facilities and a huge amount of peripheral farming
tools and equipment. The progress Hemp, Inc. has made in its agricultural
endeavors, over the course of four years, has been amazing. This year marks the
fifth year that Hemp, Inc. has been growing hemp. (To see Hemp, Inc.’s
agricultural progress from 2016 through
May, 2020, visit Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page at and
scroll through posts from 2016 to
the present. Visit to
see the videos of Hemp, Inc.’s grows in multiple locations.)

Hemp, Inc. also has two “Small Family Hemp Farm” models. The
“Small Family Hemp Farm” in North Carolina is situated on 12 acres and consists
of a cloning room, a greenhouse, and enough land to grow 2,000-3,000 high CBD
or CBG hemp plants. (This model farm can be seen on Bruce
‘s Facebook page, in the Aug. 22nd – 26th, 2018
posts.) The model shows farmers how to grow high CBD and CBG hemp plants,
operate a greenhouse and turn a barn into a cloning room to earn up to
$100,000+ a year. This shows an example of how the “Small Family Hemp Farm” can
be duplicated and reappear on the American landscape. After all, the original
small family farms in America were able to survive economically by growing hemp
as their main cash crop and the first five presidents of the United States were
all hemp

A model “Small Family Hemp Farm” is located Dolan Springs,
Arizona. This “Small Family Hemp Farm” is referred to as “The Orchard” since it
has a sizable organic orchard. There are 2 acres on which hemp will be grown; a
cloning room; cold storage; and a greenhouse that is planned to be installed.
This year mostly CBG hemp will be grown.

This year, according to Perlowin, the company is consulting on a
55-acre grow in Oregon, partnering with “Tractor Richard” for 40 acres of CBG
hemp and 100 acres of kenaf in Mohave Valley, Arizona. (See Bruce
Perlowin’s Facebook page
post for May 19, 2020.) The 10 – 40 acres in Golden Valley, Arizona for
the Veteran Village Kins Community is based on how many people will sign up for
the Hempathon (1 acre joint venture grows with Hemp, Inc.), hundreds of
acres in North Carolina (a combination of hemp and kenaf), and an
undetermined amount in other states.

It should be noted that the number of acreage and the amount to
be grown has fluctuated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Perlowin says
collective sales from all of these grows will be extremely significant in terms
of pre-rolls, high CBD and CBG buds, distillate, isolate, biomass and many
other products. “This year is about sales and marketing for us. Right now, I
believe we have the largest footprint of bio-diverse hemp products with
vertical integration in the hemp industry in America today. We are always
looking for joint ventures where we have or can expand our footprint,”
commented Perlowin.

Moreover, “A to Z” services for the farmers are available – from
harvesting to drying, curing, bucking, machine trimming, hand trimming,
bagging, storing, nitrogen sparging, and selling… creating a “one stop shop”
for the small to large family farms.

Division Two Products include:

·       The King
of Hemp
® PreRoll Blends

·       High premium CBD flower
from the Rogue Valley in Southern Oregon, North Carolina and Arizona

The super-premium King
of Hemp® pre-rolls
 are in full production and use Hemp,
Inc.’s A and B hemp colas. The A and B hemp colas are derived from Oregon-grown
Pre-98 OG Bubba Kush, one of the top selling cultivars on the market. The
strain, rich soil and climate lend themselves to these colas being among the
highest quality buds, positioning them to be some of the best tasting for

Advocates say Oregon has a uniquely suited climate, politically
and agriculturally, to dominate the fast-growing industry. Given that Oregon
farmers have demonstrated the ability to grow world-renowned products, it makes
sense that they would be able to produce some of the best hemp buds in the
world. Hemp Inc.’s grow operation in Oregon is among the best in the state and
has yielded some of the highest quality hemp colas on the market. The company
believes that they will hit the 20% mark of their grade A buds and the rest of
the Company’s high-quality colas will be used for their new line of pre-rolls.

The King
of Hemp
® pre-roll line offers high-end products that are an
effective and flavorful, smokable alternative to cigarettes and other hemp
consumption methods. The remaining A and B colas used in the newly launched
King of Hemp® pre-rolls are
compliant with the 2018 Farm Bill, federal regulations, and regulations in the
markets where they are available for purchase. The King of Hemp® pre-rolls can be purchased
individually or in packs of 6. Each pre-roll is 1 gram and does not exceed 0.3%

As of the first quarter, sales from the pre-rolls total $3,435.
The packaging (boxes) for the pre-rolls were delayed for two months due to
COVID-19 but executives say everything is back on track and they have 100,000
boxes in inventory as well as 100,000 tubes for the pre-rolls in inventory.
With everything back on track, pre-roll sales are expected to explode with
massive revenues to be generated next quarter.

Consumers can also shop on the newly redesigned website for
the King
of Hemp® pre-rolls
. Each pre-roll contains a smooth, nearly
odorless natural hemp smoke. They are tightly rolled into a filtered cigarette
rice paper for the ultimate discreet smoke. Many users have said the King of
Hemp® pre-rolls present a calming
experience, perfect for alleviating feelings of anxiousness and gaining mental

The King of Hemp® tinctures
also hit the market with steady sales. While there was a slight interruption in
sales due to the COVID-19 pandemic, sales are now back on track. The tinctures
available on are
fast-acting CBD oil tinctures that contain the full spectrum of hemp oil
extracted from the flowers and leaves of hemp plants grown by the Company. It
contains .3% or less THC so it’s federally legal nationwide.

Within the next 30 days, the Company expects to roll-out the
second product in the King of Hemp® (KOH)
product line “Midnight Express” in honor of Billy Hayes who made the name
famous in the 1978 movie “Midnight Express” chronicling his suffering at the
hands of Turkish authorities for trying to smuggle hash shish out of Turkey.

Hemp, Inc. is also hosting the Hempathon at the Veteran
Village Kins Community
 in Arizona. Contestants are growing 1
acre of hemp in a contest with other growers from around the country. Hemp,
Inc. is providing land, water, security, and live streaming video coverage for
participants. The Hempathon entry fee is $5,000 and a 50/50 revenue split.
Winners of the Hempathon will share in several awards and prizes of up to

The Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona has 6 domes and
the overnight RV camping sites (see Bruce
’s Facebook page post on 5/16/20) are being set up so
people can stay on the land during the Hempathon grow. Live streaming video
cameras are also ready, so the world can watch the “The Great American
Hempathon” in real time.

Also, as part of the Hempathon, Hemp, Inc.’s Hemp Academy
(Arizona) will offer classes in one of its geodesic domes during the Hempathon,
which will include hemp experts, product developers, field trips to the grow
area, and more. This hands-on, interactive, educational experience is the
chance of a lifetime for people to learn about this new emerging
multi-billion-dollar industry from hemp industry experts.

A 44-ft geodesic dome will be set up to show movies,
documentaries and courses on everything from bio-dynamic farming, permaculture,
organic farming practices to bees, predator pest control, soil amendments,
cloning, grafting and other peripheral agricultural course materials.

“Knowledge is power and by sharing knowledge, we all grow
together,” says CEO Perlowin.

Those interested in signing up for the Hempathon should contact
Chris Tinney

Division Three – The
Hemp Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending Infrastructure

The Hemp CBD Oil Extraction & Pre-Roll Blending
Infrastructure (Division Three) originally consisted of a
Supercritical C02 Extractor. After operating for over a year it has been
determined that Hemp, Inc. will not be involved in the extraction industry and
has changed its direction to focus primarily on the King of Hemp® pre-rolls and The King of Hemp® high CBD smokable
. The CBD oil that was extracted from the 2018 hemp grows in
North Carolina has been made into pure crystalline CBD isolate which was added
to the Company’s “King of Hemp®
branded line of pre-rolls that are now in the marketplace across all 50 states.

In lieu of building its own extraction laboratories, Hemp, Inc.
plans to utilize the facilities of other labs in the industry to manufacture
its own line of CBD oil products while they continue to build and expand the
infrastructure for pre-rolls and high CBD smokable buds. The Company will hire
or joint venture with other, already existing, labs to manufacture CBD, CBG,
CBC, CBN, and other products in its future cannabinoid line. With 150 different
cannabinoids, over 300 terpenes, and more of each being discovered almost
monthly, the product range and possibilities in this area are endless.

Division Four – The
Hemp Educational Infrastructure

The Hemp Educational Infrastructure (Division
Four) includes Hemp, Inc.’s Hemp University which focuses on
educating and empowering Hemp farmers and entrepreneurs with knowledge,
processing, infrastructure and support. The educational seminars,
through the Hemp University, are held periodically (as needed). These seminars
teach farmers and landowners how to create a profitable income stream by
maximizing the per-acre crop revenue. Through this division, Hemp,
 has trained well over 500 farmers in its first two years
by doing a total of nine Hemp University seminars in North Carolina and Oregon,
which included:

New Leaf Symposium and Golden Grow Awards Gala
 – January 26,
2020 (Jacksonville, Oregon)

“The New Leaf Symposium’s” focus was “Regeneration” to
celebrate optimism and resilience in the industry, the power of the plant, and
faith in the hemp-producing community. The event sold out with over 180
attendees. The feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly possible and the
speakers were hailed as the best yet. The educational symposium concluded with
the “Golden Grow Awards Gala”. The Golden Grow Awards Gala honored Oregon’s top
cultivars and put Oregon’s best farmers head-to-head for some of the most
prestigious hemp-industry accolades. There were four categories judged in the
awards: Top CBD, Top Terpenes, Judge’s Favorite, and Peoples’ Choice. (See
Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 1/28/20
 for a short video on this symposium.)

The Pre-Harvest Symposium –
September 8, 2019 (Oregon)

“The Pre-Harvest Symposium” workshop at Southern Oregon
University was expertly designed for both farmers and entrepreneurs of all
experience levels, focused on harvesting, processing and profit channels within
the hemp industry. The third edition of the Southern Oregon Hemp University
brought an abundance of insight into innovations within the realm of harvesting
and processing to the forefront. Additionally, the symposium touched on
traditional practices in agriculture. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 9/9/19
 for a short video on this symposium.)

Pre-Plant Support Workshop –
May 4, 2019 (Oregon)

“The Pre-Plant Support Workshop” was an incredible success
that filled the entire venue to capacity with attendees. In total, there were
close to 200 attendees, including 20 vendors in attendance. The workshop was
designed to help hemp farmers or those who are interested in the hemp industry
learn the best pre-planting practices prior to the planting season. The Hemp
University Pre-Planting Support Workshop was an interactive and informative
workshop that covered the various details hemp farmers should know prior to
planting in the 2019 season and beyond. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 5/9/19
 for a short video on this workshop.)

The Hemp University Educational Seminar –
March 23, 2019 (Oregon)

This was the first Hemp University held on the West Coast. The
seminar provided attendees with a full day of networking, education, and
support. The seminar helped others in the area who were interested in the hemp
industry learn more about the “Industrial Hemp Revolution” and how this
movement can not only transform Southern Oregon’s economy, but also revive
family farms and small businesses in the surrounding areas. (See Bruce
Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 3/28/19
 for a short video on this seminar.)

Growing Hemp for Profit –
March 10, 2018 – (North Carolina)
The Hemp University’s first educational symposium event
of 2018 entitled “Growing Hemp for Profit” took place on Saturday,
March 10, 2018. Attendees learned from the University’s industrial hemp experts
as they shared their lessons from their experiences in growing industrial
hemp. “Growing Hemp for Profit,” which took place from 8:30am to 5 pm
at the Hilton Garden Inn in Charlotte, North Carolina. (See Bruce
Perlowin’s personal
Facebook post on 3/17/18
 for a short video on this symposium.)

Hemp Money
Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning for 2018 – December 2, 2017 – (North

The fifth most vital and anticipated educational symposium of
the year was Hemp Money Event: Economics, Lessons & Planning for 2018. This
symposium was held on Saturday, December 2, 2017 from 8:30am to 5:00pm at the
Shrine Club (320 Airport Rd, Rocky Mount, NC 27804). Attendees learned the
economics of growing industrial hemp for fiber, seeds, and CBD; learned about
other master POD growers’ experiences and lessons; and, learned how to prepare for
the 2018 industrial hemp growing season with a well-defined blueprint for
success. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 12/23/17
 for a short video on this symposium.)

The Hemp Oil Event: The Art and Science of CBD Oil – September 30, 2017 (North Carolina)

The Hemp Oil Event (The Art & Science of CBD Oil) was The
Hemp University’s fourth symposium in North Carolina, held on Saturday,
September 30, 2017 from 8:30am to 5:00pm at the Peachtree Hills Country Club,
3512 Peachtree Hills Road, Spring Hope, NC 27882. The symposium brought
attendees up to speed on all business and scientific aspects of Industrial Hemp
CBD cannabinoids by disseminating current, reliable information that continues
to shape the revolutionary CBD market. Attendees also got a chance to go to
Hemp, Inc.’s, then, 70,000 square foot multipurpose industrial hemp
decortication facility for the first live public demonstration of its
Supercritical CO2 Extraction System using North Carolina-grown CBD industrial
hemp. Representatives from NuAxon Bioscience were also on-site to allow those
interested in purchasing their own CBD extraction system. (See Bruce
Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 9/30/17
 for a short video on this symposium.)

The Art and Science of CBD Greenhouse Growing – June 24, 2017 (North Carolina)

The 3rd
Hemp University 
educational symposium held on June 24, 2017
focused on The Art and Science of CBD Greenhouse Growing. The educational
symposium was held at Louisburg College in Louisburg, North Carolina. A team of
experts engaged attendees through the greenhouse and indoor growing process
from cultivation to harvest and from processing to distribution. Dr. Robert
Bruck, Dean of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics and
Distinguished Professor of Environmental Science at Louisburg College, was The
Hemp University’s special guest who lectured on soil microbiology during the
symposium. Attendees were able to spend half of the course at Hemp, Inc.’s,
then, 70,000 square-foot Industrial Hemp Hub, in a 3,000 square-foot cloning room.
There, attendees had the opportunity to experience a more hands-on learning
approach. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 6/30/17
 for a short video on this symposium.)

Farming Hemp for Profit™ –
April 29, 2017 (North Carolina)

’s second, sold out, educational symposium (Farming
HEMP for Profit™
), through its Hemp University, was a phenomenal
success. The symposium took
place on Saturday, April 29, 2017, from 8:30am – 5:00pm, at the Hampton Inn
& Suites located at 3920 Arrow Drive, Raleigh, NC 27612 and drew over 100
attendees. The one-day educational symposium and tour of Hemp, Inc.’s, then,
70,000 square-foot multipurpose industrial hemp facility was an opportunity for
landowners and farmers to learn how to apply real business building tactics
with a “specific step-by-step blueprint” on how to grow, sell and profit from
farming industrial hemp. This event accomplished its mission to help landowners
and farmers add a new viable and profitable income stream by maximizing the
per-acre crop revenue. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
post on 4/30/17
 for a short video on this symposium.)

Farming Hemp for Profit™ –
March 18, 2017 (North Carolina)

This was Hemp, Inc.’s first Hemp
University symposium
. The symposium was a sold-out event and was a
huge success with 100 attendees who rated the quality of information presented
as excellent. The symposium took place on Saturday, March 18, 2017, from 8:00am
– 5:00pm, at Hemp, Inc.’s wholly owned subsidiary, Industrial
Hemp Manufacturing, LLC
, located at 1436 Highway 581 North, Spring
Hope, North Carolina, 27882. The one-day educational symposium was an
opportunity for landowners and farmers to receive a “specific step-by-step
blueprint” on how to grow, sell and profit from farming industrial hemp by
using real business tactics and principles, presented by industry
experts. (See Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook
posts on 3/18
-19 and 3/21-26, 2019 for a short videos on this

To listen to past Hemp University workshops, please visit
Also visit to
see highlights from Hemp, Inc.’s inaugural Hemp University held in North
Carolina, which sold out in two weeks.

The Hemp University’s twelve online
educational masterclasses
 are $10 each and each masterclass is
under an hour in length. The online courses include lectures from industry
leaders who have educated attendees at the Hemp University workshops in Oregon.
These online masterclasses provide farmers who were either not able to attend
the first Hemp University or who would like to revisit certain topics presented
by the event speakers.

Those interested in Hemp, Inc.’s online courses, including
experts in any aspect of the industrial hemp industry, should contact Chris
Tinney on (855) 554-6834 or via email at (

“Since The Hemp University’s initial launch with the educational
symposium, the number of attendees grew tremendously and was an overwhelming
success, each time. The interactive, hands-on learning approach was invaluable.
By learning in an
interactive cohort format
, students gained the necessary skills they
needed to immediately implement them on their farm or in their organization.
It’s the perfect mix of quality instruction, relevant educational content and a
high level of commitment, to ensure the educational success of each attendee,”
said Perlowin.

The Hemp University has helped transform the livelihoods of
North Carolina and Oregon farmers transitioning from tobacco and other crops to
industrial hemp by providing them with the tools and support needed to gain a
foothold in this burgeoning industry.

Division Five – The
Hemp Marketing Infrastructure

While marketing is a critical facet of any business operation
for increasing revenues, Hemp, Inc. believes there must be a keen focus on the
infrastructure. The demand for CBD, CBG and other hemp products is massive,
some even say the demand is insatiable. In order to supply that type of
volume/demand, there must be a strong foundation or infrastructure in place.
While Hemp, Inc. continues to grow a rock-solid Hemp Marketing Infrastructure,
CEO Perlowin reminds us that this infrastructure has to be able to support a
meteoric industry growth. The cannabidiol (CBD) market is on track to grow to
$23.7 billion through 2023, according to the Brightfield
. The firm also estimated the smokable
 market to be valued at $11.5 million in 2018, a growth of
250% from 2017. “This is why we consistently focused on infrastructure for so
long. Since we made that a priority, we are now positioned to go into an
aggressive marketing mode,” says Perlowin.

In late January 2020 the first King of Hemp® Store
had a soft launch in Kingman, Arizona. This 5,000 square foot Wells Fargo bank
building is in the heart of Old Town Kingman next to historic Route 66 and will
showcase everything hemp, including the KOH pre-roll line, flower, tinctures,
health and beauty products, and Hemp Blue’s hemp denim jeans (
The retrofitted, once Wells Fargo Bank building, will also retain the working

The company has also recently joint-ventured with the retail
store “Hemp Healthcare”, in Dolan Springs, Arizona, to sell high-end
cannabidiol (CBD) and hemp-based products. “Hemp Healthcare” is home to an
array of renowned CBD and hemp products, including Hemp, Inc.’s cosmetic and
wellness line that includes shampoos, conditioners, lotions, candles and more.
The retail storefront is conveniently located off Highway 93 in Arizona, in a
highly trafficked tourist area. Specifically located on Pierce Ferry Road,
“Hemp Healthcare” is next to “Dolan Station” – a location that welcomes
numerous tour buses daily with visitors from around the world that stop there
on trips to the Grand Canyon. On some days, up to 40 tour buses stop at this
location, filled to the brim with tourists on their way to the Sky Walk at the
western realm of the Grand Canyon. The Company expects a very good return later
this year. It should be noted that due to COVID-19, tour buses are not
currently running but the store has become incredibly active due to COVID-19.

Division Six – Accessories,
Products and Services

Division Six focuses on the sale of hemp industry accessories
such as the sale of extractors, harvesters, storage bags, containers,
fertilizer, soil amendments, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, balers, greenhouses,
and greenhouse equipment; the drying, trimming, curing, storing and brokering
for other farmers harvesting hemp; and ultimately anything else a hemp farmer
may need to be successful.

“What we found is that people are always looking for hundreds of
items. New harvesting equipment, irrigation equipment of all kinds, soil amendments,
organic soil fertilizers, organic pest control products, new extraction
technologies and more,” said Perlowin. “As we expand this Division, we will
strive to become the Amazon of the hemp industry.”

According to Perlowin, Hemp, Inc. is currently building out a
new section of its website that will list all of the products. This information
will be available on in
the near future.

Division Seven – Research
and Development

While Research and Development has been an integral part of
Hemp, Inc. since day one, a more formal research and development project will
be planned for later this year. This division will then start and expand
rapidly. The Company originally planned for Puerto Rico to be a research and
development hub, but found the barrier to entrance was much too great and has
therefore changed its position to focus its research and development division
on states where hemp is already legal. Hemp, Inc. is proud to have been a
pioneer and leader in the early stages of the hemp industry in America with our
strategy to build infrastructure even before legalization occurred in a state
such as what was done in North Carolina and Arizona.

“It is now more economically advantageous to operate in a state
that already has several years of legalization behind it because it makes it
easier further down the road for hemp companies to thrive – just as we have
done in North Carolina, Arizona, Nevada and especially Oregon. Our growing
operation in Oregon hit a grand slam, 2 years in a row.”

Division Eight – Industrial
Hemp Investments and Joint Ventures

Hemp, Inc. established its eighth division (Industrial Hemp
Investments and Joint Ventures). Since the passing of the 2018 hemp bill, Hemp,
Inc. has been flooded with inquiries of people who want to invest in the hemp
industry but don’t know where to start. As the Avant-guard of the industrial
hemp industry, Hemp, Inc. has put together numerous joint venture investment
opportunities for the medium to large-scale investor. Those who are interested
should email Millionaire investors, and in some cases billionaires
and billion-dollar hedge fund managers, are aggressively trying to get into the
hemp industry since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill. Our joint venture
agreements are that they put up the money and we put up the expertise in a
50/50 revenue share (after all the initial investment money is paid back).
This will save the large-scale hemp investor often two years and dozens of
multi-million-dollar mistakes that they “WILL” often make without an expert in
the hemp industry. This is where Hemp, Inc.’s vast network of experts and
resources, built over a period of 10 years, in the industrial hemp industry
come into play because this is something we can easily provide to those
interested in entering this industry.

Division Nine – Industrial
Hemp Consulting

Hemp, Inc.’s Industrial Hemp and Medical Marijuana Consulting
Company (IHMMCC) was recently restructured as its ninth division and is now
“Division Nine – Industrial Hemp Consulting”. With an influx of public
companies wanting to expand into the industrial hemp industry, Hemp, Inc. has
been inundated with potential consulting agreements. To keep up, Hemp, Inc.
revamped its consulting division to work hands-on with each company to provide
its years of expertise. According to Perlowin, there is a sense of a “Community
of Companies” whereby a lot of companies are working together to pool their
resources, marketing connections and strategies in order to grow

Typically, companies seeking in depth consulting services from
Hemp, Inc. pay mostly in stock since cash flow is oftentimes tight during the
developmental stage of start-up companies in this industry. Through Hemp,
Inc.’s Division Nine – Industrial Hemp Consulting, a wide range of services are
forged from the experiences of creating the first publicly traded company in
the cannabis sector (Medical Marijuana, Inc.) and having over a decade of
experience in the industrial hemp industry’s public sector. Perlowin, Hemp,
Inc.’s chief executive officer, also has over five decades in the industry.

Division Ten – Educational

Hemp, Inc.’s newest division, Entertainment, will cover
everything from investing in the movie “The Adventures of the King of
Pot” (
and other historical movies, books and documentaries representing our industry
up to the current docuseries being made on “The Modern Day History of
Hemp”. Those interested in investing in any one of these ventures should
contact the division’s Project Manager, Chris Tinney, at 855-554-6834 or via


To see the livestream feed for the Veteran’s Village Kins
Community Arizona, visit and
click on “View Live Feed” or visit and
click on the “Livestream Video” tab.

The company’s 500-acre strategic growing partner Veteran Village
Kins Community in Golden Valley, Arizona, is designed to grow hemp and produce
CBD and CBG products to benefit veterans as well as generate revenue for Hemp,
Inc., the Veteran Village and individual veterans living in the community.

The Veteran Village Kins Community in Arizona has completed its
final site plan blueprints for its 36 of the 500-acre site in Golden Valley,
Arizona (20 miles north of Kingman, AZ and 90 minutes from Las Vegas, NV).
The site plan was submitted to the Mohave County Building Department for final
review. The Company is also in the final stages of completing the necessary
infrastructure to support an off-grid, renewable, energy system.

Live streaming video can be accessed on by
clicking the “Livestream Video” tab. Viewers are able to actually see the way
the Veteran Village Kins Community is designed and watch it being built.
According to Perlowin, the basic framework or overall plan of the Veteran
Village Kins Communities is to create a holistic healing and learning center
that is designed to educate and heal veterans with PTSD, alcoholism, meth
addiction, opioid addiction, and other psychological conditions while at the
same time training them on the numerous aspects of being part of the emerging
multi-billion-dollar hemp industry.

The Company will also build hemp-growing communities for other
groups such as “Abused” Women & Children Village Kins Communities; the
“Orphans” Village Kins Communities; “Homeless” Village Kins Communities, the
“Healers” Village Kins Communities (the healers are professionals who are
knowledgeable in the modalities to treat these traumatized groups); and a
community to “Heal the Healers” called Heal the Healers Village Kins Community
Arizona. These particular communities are all synergistically aligned to work
simultaneously supporting each other.

For example, the “Healers” heal the traumatized veterans and
women & children; the women support orphaned children, and orphaned
children want to see people living in homes and not homeless. Thus, a portion
of the hemp grown in each community goes to create and support another
community, giving everybody a sense of giving back and helping others as they
help themselves. This circles back to the healers who also work to heal the
veterans and the other traumatized groups. This is the economic foundation on
how the sale of the hemp products operates as a “quantum economic matrix” or an
example of “symbiotic economics” which is way more complex than this brief
description allows.

Dwight Jory, the Project Manager for the “Veteran Village Kins
Community Arizona, Inc.”, said, “We are very happy with the progress. Our Kins
Community is really beginning to come together.” Planting began April 20,
2020 (see Bruce Perlowin’s Facebook page post on 5/15/20). Three-hundred
acres have been fenced and 120 acres have been scraped and cleared to grow
hemp, 13 overnight trailer park sites are under construction, and organic
gardens have been planted, according to Jory. These organic gardens double as
experimental growing modules using an entire array of different growing
technologies to see which modalities grow the best in a desert environment. As
for the 6 geodesic domes, two have been converted to greenhouse
nurseries (see Bruce Perlowin’s personal Facebook page post on
5/14/20) and the others are structurally intact. “We have been gaining a
lot of momentum in our Veteran’s Village, so these updates change week by
week,” says Perlowin.

“We are now accepting volunteers who have expressed an interest
in helping to build the first Kins Community for our veterans,” said Jory.
Those interested in making the first hemp growing CBD-producing “Veteran
Village Kins Community” become a reality should contact Ms. Sandra Williams via
email (

One thousand trees, on 36 of the 500-acres, have also been
planted, with an additional 1,000 trees on order. The “Veteran Village Kins
Community” will include a 100,000-square foot GMP compliant, central processing
plant, a state-of-the-art testing laboratory, and various health and wellness
centers to support veterans who may have psychological, emotional or health

“As Hemp, Inc. positions itself on the forefront of America’s
industrial hemp revolution, we see our partnership with ‘Veteran Village Kins
Community Arizona, Inc.’ being paramount in supporting the small family farm
movement that we are confident will reshape the American landscape,” said
Perlowin. “As we work toward getting our eco-village up and running in Golden
Valley, Arizona, we are also aggressively scouting strategic locations in other
states including North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky,
Tennessee and West Virginia. Giving veterans and other Americans a place to
learn new skills and take part in this multi-billion-dollar hemp CBD market is
very exciting. It’s a big part of our mission to give back. Recently we have
expanded our Kins Community concept internationally focusing on, but not
limited to, Israel, New Zealand, Canada, Africa, and Australia.”

Hemp, Inc. executives are also continuing to scout new locations
nationwide to open additional hemp processing centers in legal markets.


Between the Hemp University, the hemp processing center and
Bruce Perlowin himself, the Company has created an enormous amount of media
coverage. See below for the list of press hits the Company has received up to
the end of this quarter:

Hit: Hemp:
the burgeoning industry of southern Oregon
” – (NBC) KOBI-5, December
22, 2018

Inc. Featured on Oregon NBC 5 Station Following Passage of 2018 Farm Bill

Hit: Carolina’s
next cash crop?: Farm bill will add hemp into more growers’ rotation

– The Wilson Times, December 26, 2018

Inc. Receives Prominent News Coverage Discussing Hemp Legalization and Small
Family Farms

Hit: Arizona’s
next cash crop? Lawmaker pushes for rush on hemp bill
” – ABC 15,
January 28, 2019

Inc. Applauds Arizona Legislative Drive to Push Up Industrial Hemp Licensing
Date to June 2019 as Veteran Village Kins Community Builds Out Infrastructure

Hit: Farmers
could plant hemp in Arizona fields this summer, if bill passes
ABC KUGN-9, February 8, 2019

Hit: Adams
on Agriculture – Bruce Perlowin/Hemp, Inc.
” – Adams On Agriculture,
February 22, 2019

Inc. CEO Featured on National Radio Show Discussing Company’s Expanding
Footprint and Demand for Cannabidiol

Hit: Hemp,
Inc. seeking JV partners for processing facilities, CEO says
” –
MergerMarket, February 28, 2019

Hit: Hemp,
Inc. holds first west coast educational seminar in Ashland
” – (NBC)
KOBI-5, March 23, 2019

Inc. Featured by CBS and NBC Affiliates in Oregon About The Hemp University’s
Educational Hemp Seminar

Hit: Hemp
University: getting schooled on cannabis
” – CBS News 10, March 26,

Inc. Featured by CBS and NBC Affiliates in Oregon About The Hemp University’s
Educational Hemp Seminar

Hit: How
Hemp Is Giving Renewed Life To America’s Tobacco Farmers
” – Forbes,
March 25, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in Forbes Discussing Tobacco Farmers Who are
Turning to Industrial Hemp

Hit: Market
for hemp still a ways off
” – Tri-State Neighbor, March 28, 2019

Hit: Tobacco
growers may find new avenue in hemp farming
” – AgDaily, April 26,

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in AgDaily Discussing Hemp as Agricultural
Industry’s Newest Cash Crop

Hit: Industrial
hemp has potential to be a big cash crop for area farmers
” – Tulsa
World, May 12, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in Tulsa World Discussing Oklahoma’s Industrial
Hemp Industry

Hit: Growing
hemp in the desert
” – Today’s News-Herald/Havasu News, June 10, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured on Cover of Today’s News-Herald Discussing
Arizona’s Industrial Hemp Industry

Hit: Hempathon”
contest planned for Golden Valley
” – Mohave Daily News, July 7, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in Mohave Daily News and CBD Today Discussing

Hit: Hemp,
Inc. Seeking Agriculture Suppliers and Farmers for Hempathon Event

– CBD Today, July 2, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in Mohave Daily News and CBD Today Discussing

Hit: Hemp
Inc. to Hold “Hempathon” in Mohave County
” – Arizona Cannabis News,
July 15, 2019

Hit: Hemp,
Inc. taking hemp into bioplastics
” – Plastics News, August 22, 2019

Inc. Featured in Plastics News Regarding Entry Into Hemp Bioplastics Industry
to Help Fill Growing Demand for Eco-friendly Materials

ORIGINAL VIDEO: Hemp University the Pre-Harvesting Symposium
” – Mail
Tribune, September 9, 2019

Inc. Subsidiary, The Hemp University, Featured in Mail Tribune Showcasing
Pre-Harvest Symposium Hemp Workshop

Hit: “Hemp
In The Valley
” – CBS News 10, September 12, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured on CBS News 10 in Oregon Discussing State’s
Booming Hemp Industry

Hit: “Episode
72 : “King of pot, smuggling 101, and getting arrested on an airplane

– Off Script With Trish Glose, CBS News 10 Podcast, September 25, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin to be Featured on the Podcast “Off Script with Trish
Glose” This Wednesday

Hit: “Why
US Tobacco Farmers Are Switching To Hemp
” – Business Insider,
September 16, 2019

Inc. Affiliate, Through a Joint Venture, Featured on Business Insider for North
Carolina Farming Operations

Hit: “HEMP,
INC. Joins The Stock Day Podcast to Discuss The Distribution of Their Hemp
” – Stock Day Podcast, September 27, 2019

INC. Joins The Stock Day Podcast to Discuss The Distribution of Their Hemp

Hit: “Hemp
hardwoods, bioplastics expand crop use beyond CBD
” – United Press
International, October 2, 2019

Inc. Featured in Globally Syndicated News Provider, United Press International,
Discussing Industrial Applications for Bioplastics

Hit: “Rising
High: An Exclusive Talk with Industrial Hemp Company Hemp, Inc.
” –
The Fly, October 17, 2019

Inc. Profiled in Financial News Outlet, The Fly

Hit: “Lack
of Processing Facilities For Hemp
” – ABC News Watch 12, October 30,

Inc. Oregon Processing Operation Featured in NewsWatch 12’s Harvest Coverage

Hit: “Hemp
farmers in red tape
” – CBS News 10, November 5, 2019

Inc.’s Commentary on New USDA Rules Featured in KTVL Broadcast and Smoky
Mountain News

Hit: “Legislature
to ban smokable hemp in N.C.
” – Smoky Mountain News, November 6,

Inc.’s Commentary on New USDA Rules Featured in KTVL Broadcast and Smoky
Mountain News

Hit: “Hemp
Inc. CEO, Bruce Perlowin Interview
” – The Light, November 13, 2019

Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Joins News Video Series, The Light, to Discuss Company

Hit: “Hemp
Industry Prime for Post-Pandemic Growth
” – Cannabis Tech, April 17,

: “Hemp,
Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin Featured in Cannabis Tech”

Hit: “Cannabis
Businesses During the Coronavirus
” – Way of Leaf, April 17, 2020

Inc. Featured in Marijuana Break’s Coverage on Hemp and COVID-19

Hit: “Hemp
farmers going ‘full force’ despite pandemic
” – PoliticoPro, April
27, 2020

: “Hemp,
Inc. Featured in Politico Pro’s Coverage of The Hemp Industry Amidst The
COVID-19 Pandemic

Hit: “4
Highly Speculative Micro-Cap Stocks To Have On Your Radar
” –
Benzinga, May 6, 2020

: “Hemp,
Inc. — One of the Top Micro-Cap Stocks Investors Should Have on Their Radar

Hit: “American
Hemp Farmers Table Talk
” – Youtube, May 26, 2020

: “Hemp,
Inc.’s CEO Shares Insights With Georgia Hemp Farmers During Recent Webinar

Changing the World through Hemp ft. “King of Pot Stocks” Bruce Perlowin
Lit & Lucid Podcast, July 7, 2020

: “Hemp,
Inc. CEO Bruce Perlowin to be Featured on Lit & Lucid Podcast

Inc. Part of Select Group of Competitors in New Global Report

Inc. Covered in New Industrial Hemp Market 2021 Report”


This press release may contain certain forward-looking
statements and information, as defined within the meaning of Section 27A of the
Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934
and is subject to the Safe Harbor created by those sections. The Securities and
Exchange Commission (SEC) requires issuers to provide “adequate current
information” and Hemp, Inc. does… using the SEC’s Alternative Reporting
Standard to publicly report its quarterly and yearly financials. All current
information can be found on
This material contains statements about expected future events and/or financial
results that are forward-looking in nature and subject to risks and
uncertainties. Such forward-looking statements involve risks, uncertainties.


Hemp, Inc.


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