Laxsson Digital Technology Group Has Created Brilliant Results in 2018-2022 Through Unremitting Efforts

Basement Bronx, NY – (NewMediaWire) – January 16, 2023 –  (King Newswire) Laxsson’s plan in 2023 is to fully lay out the European
market and provide a good investment platform for the majority of
investors who are keen on quantitative investment and artificial

is part of LAXSSON Digital Technology Group, a leading provider of AI
platform technology and services dedicated to AI empowerment. The
company was founded in 2016 and has completed two rounds of funding of
nearly 10 million. Focusing on the financial sector, LAXSSON Digital
Technology Group has launched a full-stack AI platform and the LAXSSON
AI quantitative platform, allowing ordinary engineers and even business
people to use AI. The company has a mission to democratize AI to empower
businesses and people, empowering every organization and individual
with AI, so that every LAXSSON is the first intelligent investment
platform that combines quantitative investment with artificial
intelligence/machine learning.

The company is registered in New
York State, USA, and its main business is to combine big data,
artificial intelligence, and cloud computing capabilities to provide
industry-leading new data and intelligent technology services for
quantitative investors and investment institutions, covering machine
learning, strategy development, back testing, trading and risk control,
etc. Through machine learning and other artificial intelligence
technologies, LAXSSON realizes artificial intelligence quantitative
investment and improves investment efficiency, while providing users
with new quantitative big data and intelligent technology services,
LAXSSON aims to become an artificial intelligence quantitative trading
platform and community for every quantitative investor (Quant).

quantitative investors can use the leading artificial intelligence
technology without a threshold. Without the need to learn a lot of
difficult programming and algorithmic knowledge. We are committed to
using AI to help broadband investors and to empower more investors with
the power of AI. At present, there are a number of international
quantitative trading platforms, LAXSSON has always been thirsty for
talent, in the company in the rapid development of the team is also
growing. The company has a proficient core team from Microsoft Research,
graduated from Stanford University and the University of Washington,
and other well-known universities, and over 10 years of experience in
machine learning at the Internet scale.

Over the years, LAXSSON
has served tens of thousands of professional strategy developers,
several successful cases in brokerage firms, funds, universities, etc
and the team has rich experience in the field dedicated to AI
quantitative services. It provides users with an AI underlying platform,
leading algorithms for quantitative trading, automatic machine
learning, super-reference optimization, and extremely rapid improvement
of AI quantitative processing efficiency. LAXSSON is widely recognized
by the community as a full-stack artificial intelligence platform so
that business people can use it without threshold. In 2023, Laxsson will
make even more progress in the field of AI.

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Contact Person: Darren James

Company Name: Laxsson

City: Basement Bronx

State: New York

Country: United States

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