MatryX Introduces Blockchain based MTX Token for Hashpower Gas and Ecosystem Expansion

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – March 29, 2023 – MatryX, an innovator in Artificial Intelligecne
(AI) hashpower mining, has unveiled its innovative MTX token using the Zebec
blockchain infrastructure, a borderless streaming payment platform. The MTX
token aims to bolster the MatryX ecosystem through Hashpower Gas, computing
device payments, and engagement in Eco Defi, NFT, GameFi, and other
applications. This pioneering token, which is a blockchain based is set to play
a pivotal role in the future evolution of the AI hashpower mining sector,
fostering a more efficient, secure, and eco-friendly global AI network.

With a total
mintage of 100 million, the MTX token is designed to reshape the AI and
blockchain industries by providing a scalable and energy-efficient solution for
blockchain mining via its innovative AI based hashpower support. The token
allocation encompasses 5% for initial liquidity provision, 5% for community
airdrops, and a significant 90% for hashpower mining. The primary use cases for
the MTX token include incentive issuance, as a payment method for computing
devices, as a value transfer within the MatryX ecosystem and enables user
participation in Eco Defi, NFT, GameFi, etc.

introduction of the MTX token, using the Zebec blockchain infrastructure which
is a leading blockchain based payment streaming provider, signifies our
dedication to propelling the AI based hashpower mining (Computer Power)
industry forward. We are eager to witness the token’s potential as we
continually innovate and expand our ecosystem. By integrating the MTX token
into our platform, we offer users a seamless and rewarding experience that will
lay the foundation for a new era in the AI and blockchain domains,” states
Kiran Rao, CTO of MatryX AI.

The MTX token’s
launch follows MatryX’s pioneering AI aggregated hashpower mining solution,
which merges AI technology with blockchain technology to optimize mining
algorithms, enhance mining efficiency, and ensure equitable earnings
distribution. This distinctive approach has risen the interest of small-scale
miners and investors, as it facilitates a more lucrative and efficient mining
process through the consolidation and sharing of hashpower.

Moreover, the
provision of MTX token will solidify the partnership between MatryX and Zebec,
as both entities share a vision of establishing a high-performance AI hashpower
stream payment network. The MTX token is instrumental in achieving this shared
goal. To bolster ZBC liquidity and augment the value of the MTX ecosystem,
MatryX will enable investors to mint 1 MTX for every 100 ZBCs invested in the
crowdfunding mining treasury.

About MatryX

MatryX is the
world’s largest MPOS high-performance distributed hashpower cluster pool,
constructed on Zebec Chain and backed by AI, Mateverse, Big Data, and Cloud Computing
technologies. MatryX aspires to deliver efficient, energy-conserving, and
cost-effective AI hashpower support for metaverse technology infrastructure and
training extension models.

For additional
information about MatryX AI and the MTX token, visit the official website at or follow MatryX on social
media channels.

Media Contact

Brand: MatryX

Contact: James
McKay, PR Manager





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