NewMediaWire | Bictory Finance Launches Its Most Anticipated Centralized Exchange

Multi-Chain Web3
Company finally opened the doors of its CEX to the Public and will share almost
half of its trading fees with its referees. 

New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – June 16, 2022 – – Bictory
Finance, a prolific web3 company, tackling safety & regulatory problems
across chains in the DeFi & NFT space, has announced the launch of the
centralized exchange amongst its decentralized finance suite of products. This
happens less than a month after it launched its grant-winning multi-chain NFT
Marketplace and genesis one-off NFT collection.

This launch is a
significant milestone for the rapidly growing project as it stemmed against the
bear market, maintaining its team size, to launch three products successfully.
Speaking on this launch, the project manager, Wisdom Augustine, said, “building this centralized exchange taught the
team more about Web3 than spectating in the space ever would. We
ve set the framework to build something
promising for the space with BictoryEX V1
“. Joha
Sulaymonov, the project lead, consolidated Wisdom’s
statement when he said about the launch, “BictoryEX was built on a different
technology, aimed to be innovative and more customer-centric. We can only
diverge away from the norm from this point.

BictoryEX is a
centralized exchange that combines a bullet-speed order matching engine and a
sleek and classic trading user interface with industry-wide low fees. Even at
launch, the digital asset exchange platform will support deposits, withdrawals,
and trades of more than 25 high-cap cryptocurrencies and multi-level account security
features to guarantee maximum security for its users from the get-go without
the KYC requirements.

Speaking of
Know-Your-Customer requirements, BictoryEX, in coming updates, aims to leverage
the self-sovereign ID protocol of its sandbox blockchain Concordium. Using
Concordium streamlines the process of completing KYC requirements on the
exchange or dealing with its indirect overhead costs, giving it a chance to
beat the lowest fees in the industry and stay regulatory-compliant. The
exchange launches with a referral campaign designed to share up to 40% of its
trading fees as commissions to referees in hope that it will help them recover
some of the lost value in this dire bear crypto market.

Bictory Finance

Bictory Finance is a
Web3 company building a multi-chain product suite to bring safety to DeFi &
NFT investors, founded in 2019 by Joha Sulaymonov & Agbona Igwemoh. Its
products include BictoryEX, BictoryDEX, multi-chain NFT Marketplace, and
Concordium Name Service (CNS).


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