NewMediaWire | FierceCrowd NFT, Leveraging the Web3 Field to Increase Access to Education

Dubai, UAE – (NewMediaWire) – July 19, 2022 – With a collection of 1,500 handpicked NFTs now open for mint on
their website,
FierceCrowd’s aim is to use Web3 technology to create a positive impact in the
real world.

technology behind NFTs and Why it matters?

A blockchain is a digital ledger,
consisting of records called blocks that are used to record transactions and
track assets. It is decentralized, distributed and most of all, public.

Blockchain technology, because of its
benefits cuts out the middle-man and enables full financial inclusion – despite
a person’s current circumstances.

With the rise of NFTs, any individual
now has a chance to mint their own work and sell it on an NFT marketplace, or
buy and own valuable tokens themselves through the same Web3 platforms.

have found their lives flipped upside down because of those new technologies.

FierceCrowd NFT aims on creating
change by bringing some of those opportunities back into the real world…Despite
the current market situation.

“Just because
Bitcoin went from 60K to 20K doesn’t mean the underlying technology has lost
value” – FC founder states.

According to the FierceCrowd team,
blockchain technology, decentralization and Web3 as a whole remain powerful
innovative tools. A bear market does not put into question the value of those
underlying technologies, the way they are currently being used though, maybe.

With a combination of 560 attributes,
including over 250 hairstyles, 60 backgrounds, and 18 skin tones, FierceCrowd
aims to emphasize the concept of inclusion in the digital/generative art field.

With many projects claiming they
strive to create change but with no real long-term projects to do so,
FierceCrowd’s roadmap lines up real steps the team intends on taking in order
to reach that goal.

Through NFTs and blockchain
technology, social impact projects finally have a space to grow while offering
something in return to the contributing people.


FierceCrowd intends on contributing to
the fields of education and human rights by collaborating with international
organizations through donations but also by creating their own channels of
support such as a platform connecting sponsors, schools/universities, and
people who, for various reasons, lack access to education. Our objectives also
involve the creation of a school in partnership with Build On, an organization
focused on creating schools in developing countries.

In addition to contributing to FC’s
social impact objectives, every FierceCrowd NFT owner carries the chance of
being awarded 1ETH if they mint 5+ NFTs. The winner will be announced once all
1,500 NFTs have been sold.

15 lucky collectors will also be
chosen randomly to receive an FC book handcrafted by the founding team to
express gratitude and infiltrate the holders’ physical worlds.

FC plans to launch its own line of
merchandise, a collection of gender-neutral lounging sets available in sizes
XXS to XXL. Every collector will automatically be qualified to win one of 50
pieces of clothing items.

FierceCrowd promises constant
improvement through innovation to create the safest environment for the
community members. The team is focused on expanding into the digital world.
Once all NFTs are minted, FierceCrowd will join
the Metaverse.

Furthermore, 5% of the project’s
primary sales will be allocated to a community wallet, allowing the community
members to collectively invest in bigger projects. Through this, people will
get a chance to be one of the owners of a blue-chip project.

FierceCrowd is a humanitarian project
with a number of ambitious missions, Shaped by the progress made, the
organization’s goals will grow and develop with time.

FierceCrowd’s aim

people have been deprived of opportunities due to circumstances beyond their
control, such as the political environment of the country in which they live or
lived, their financial situation, brain challenges, and more. FierceCrowd’s aim
is to assist in increasing their chances of success through innovative
To learn more about FierceCrowd, head to:

on socials:





Brand: FierceCrowd

Contact: Yasmine Smadi



SOURCE: FierceCrowd

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