OTC:ILUS, ILUS International (Ilustrato Pictures International Inc.): ILUS is Expanding Its Global Reach, Technology and Product Range Assisting in Making the World a Safer Place

ILUS is focused on acquiring & developing
technology-based companies.

NEW YORK – (NewMediaWire) – April 20, 2021 – ILUS International Inc.: The
company is expecting to complete numerous acquisitions this year, with the aim
of establishing a global footprint for the roll out of its patented

Our world is ever changing. As
the global population is increasing, so is urbanisation and consequently, risk.
The increasing risk has begun to reach a point where it cannot be ignored.
Cities are getting wider, taller and more congested. Many cities now have
pedestrianized city centres and their urban edges are spreading further out
into what was formerly countryside. Facing all these scenarios, Emergency
Response vehicles need to navigate rapidly through urban areas and at the same
time, it is being expected that they are environmentally friendly.
Simultaneously more automation, more electric power, more lithium batteries,
more chemicals, plastics, less fresh water and rising global temperatures means
our daily lives have become more exposed to risk. The modern household is
scattered with device chargers, batteries and cables, all while building
insulation improves with the side effect of creating a giant oven in the event
of a fire. To add to this, modern furniture, paints and household items burn
hotter with more pollutants and toxic gases, causing more dangerous compartment
fires. Finally, there is a higher expectation placed on the performance of
emergency service responders, who in turn are expected to deliver improved
services with less available budget.  

The highly experienced ILUS
management team is focused on developing and acquiring technology that solves
these global public safety problems. The acquisitions are focussed on
innovative and specialized technology, routes to market and global
manufacturing capacity. ILUS has already completed 3 acquisitions this year
with several more in the pipeline. 

ILUS has a range of technology
patents for the delivery of a highly efficient low-pressure water-mist for
extinguishing fires. ILUS’ technology uses science to fight the fire. A basic explanation
of the science involved is that any fuel decomposes with heat and this gives
off a micro layer of gas which reacts with oxygen to ignite and combust in a
process called Pyrolysis. It is therefore this layer of burning gas that the
technology tackles. It works by injecting small droplets of water at a low
pressure which covers a larger surface than water itself and is most effective
in cooling the fuel, diluting the gas and reducing the oxygen. This water mist
tackles all sides of the fire triangle simultaneously and doesn’t rely on
wetting the surface to extinguish the fire as is required with conventional
technology. The technology typically uses 63% less water than conventional
technology for effective firefighting.

ILUS has been focusing its global
sales strategy on niche, mission critical sectors which face significant risk
such as Airports, Power generation, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing & Defence.
These sectors typically have larger risk management budgets and a shorter sales
cycle than the public/government sector. ILUS supplies its technology primarily
through a global distributor network. With additional access to capital after
going public, ILUS is now expanding its sales strategy to focus on more
public/government sector sales and is currently shortlisted for a number of
large government tenders including with the Indian government. 

ILUS’ current technology has
largely revolved around the water-mist capability and its associated
firefighting efficiency where it has patents on the water mixing device which
creates the micro droplets inside the tank before it reaches the nozzle, thus
creating the revolutionary low-pressure water-mist. ILUS has developed a
supersonic nozzle which atomizes the water with the vibration of sound and also
manufactures a robust nozzle which is used on everyday Fire Fighting Vehicles
and this uses colliding stream technology which atomises the water by causing
the collision of two or more water jet streams. These technologies are
currently used in the ILUS firefighting range and are soon to be launched in
the fixed fire suppression system range. In the future, the company may
incorporate this technology into a range of dust suppression and
decontamination products where the problems faced require the identical technology
which is already developed by ILUS. 

As the ILUS technology is so much
more than a range of nozzles and specialized water mixing, the company has also
developed a range of complementary technologies such as a range of low-pressure
multi volume pumps, remote controlled floating pumps, front winding co-polymer
hose reels, lightweight co-polymer vehicle bodies and tanks, and the E- Raptor
Electric Utility Vehicle (EV). 

ILUS aims to be the “Swiss Army
Knife” of the firefighting equipment industry with the idea that emergency
responders will always find a piece of ILUS equipment on their vehicle at any
incident which will save a life or an asset whilst also increasing their
own safety. 

ILUS is working on a range of
additional technologies that complement this current offering and improve
emergency response times, increase emergency response efficiency and
corresponding safety. These technologies include Virtual Reality Training (VR),
VTOL/ UAV’s for fire surveillance and unmanned delivery of critical equipment
to incidents, autonomous vehicles, electric vehicles and notably the
development of an IoT platform integrated with wearable technology for
emergency responders.  

ILUS currently manufactures in
the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates and in addition to the current
technology acquisitions in the pipeline, ILUS is also working hard to complete
an acquisition in the USA with the aim of opening the sales channel to the
North and South American markets soon. 

While the company has
historically been focused on the high-end and niche sectors, the soon to be
released ILUS Coin introduces not only capital, revenue streams and sales
opportunities to ILUS, but it delivers an important element of social
responsibility. Many paid and unpaid volunteer emergency response organisations
around the world are unable to afford the upfront capital expense of innovative
equipment to deal with the increasing challenges they face and are unable to
secure conventional financing. The introduction of the ILUS Coin will allow these
organisations to secure the much-needed equipment that previously may not have
been possible to procure and this will ultimately save lives and assets. The
ILUS Coin rollout plan and website will be announced over the coming days with
information to follow through official press releases and over ILUS’ social

ILUS is building a truly world
class team and strong partnerships with a clear vision. The company is
delivering on its objectives very well. Despite short-term market and stock
volatility, ILUS remains bullish about its future, its goals and adding

For further information on the
ILUS group of companies, please see their respective communication


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