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Pre-Market Movers: 6/21/2023

LumiraDx Ltd (LMDX) is demonstrating robust pre-market performance, posting a gain of 31.4%. This robust performance is accompanied by a trading volume of approximately 2.34 million shares.

Greenpro Capital Corp (GRNQ) is making headway in pre-market trading, showing a rise of 14.3%. With a trading volume near 266,000 shares, investor interest is clearly evident.

Banco Santander-Chile (BSFC) is witnessing a positive trend in pre-market trading, appreciating by 8.0%. This trend is underscored by a trading volume of around 589,000 shares.

Nikola Corporation (NKLA) is off to a strong start in pre-market trading with a gain of 7.6%. Approximately 1.80 million shares have been traded, indicative of significant market activity.

Mullen Automotive Inc (MULN) has registered a pre-market rise of 4.6%. The trading volume stands at a substantial 2.24 million shares, indicating strong investor interest.

Riot Blockchain, Inc. (RIOT) is displaying positive momentum in pre-market trading with a 4.0% gain. The trading volume is currently around 219,000 shares.

Opendoor Technologies Inc. (OPEN) is advancing in the pre-market session, with a gain of 3.9%. Trading volume is around 144,000 shares.

CleanSpark, Inc. (CLSK) is experiencing a pre-market rise of 3.9%. The trading volume is about 104,000 shares.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. (MARA) is up 3.5% in pre-market trading. Trading volume stands at about 488,000 shares.

Faraday Future Intelligent Electric Inc. (FFIE) is making an upward movement in pre-market trading, marking a 3.4% gain. With a trading volume of approximately 2.34 million shares, investor interest is apparent.

MediaCo Holding Inc. (MCOM) is showing a promising pre-market performance with a 3.2% gain. Trading volume is substantial with 4.04 million shares.

Zevia PBC (ZVSA) is gaining in pre-market trading, appreciating by 3.1%. The trading volume is around 297,000 shares.

Canoo Inc. (GOEV) is posting a pre-market gain of 2.8%. With a trading volume of around 213,000 shares, market activity is discernible.

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