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Pre-Market Movers: 6/26/2023

MLTX Corp (MLTX) begins the day strongly, reporting a pre-market gain of 115.3%. The trading volume sits at approximately 847,000 shares, suggesting considerable interest in the company this morning. There isn’t currently any recent news available to potentially explain this surge in pre-market activity.

The pharmaceutical company, Trxade Health, Inc. (MEDS), sees a significant 80% surge in the pre-market trading. With a trading volume of around 492,000 shares, it’s clear the market has taken note. At present, there’s no pertinent news relating to MEDS to account for this jump in its stock value.

Femy Inc (FEMY) records a robust pre-market gain of 76.6%. The trading volume is notably high at roughly 9.2 million shares, indicative of a heightened investor interest. Currently, no particular news explains the rise in FEMY’s pre-market performance.

Biomedical company, INVO Bioscience, Inc. (INVO) experiences a healthy pre-market growth of 45.5%. The trading volume is a significant 24.6 million shares, suggesting a major shift in the market’s interest in the company. There are no immediate news headlines associated with this increase in INVO’s stock value.

iMedia Brands, Inc. (IMBI), an interactive media company, shows a substantial pre-market increase of 37.1%. The trading volume for IMBI is approximately 8.6 million shares, pointing to considerable market attention. No recent news is available to potentially account for this pre-market performance.

Digital Media Solutions, Inc. (DMS) posts a notable pre-market gain of 26.5%. The trading volume stands at around 1.9 million shares, demonstrating significant investor engagement. There’s currently no relevant news driving this increase in DMS’s pre-market activity.

Ship owner and operator, FREE SEAS INC. (FREE), records a respectable pre-market increase of 19.8%. With a trading volume of approximately 160,000 shares, there’s decent market activity surrounding the company. As of now, there’s no news explaining this rise in FREE’s pre-market performance.

Benitec Biopharma Inc. (BNTC), a biotechnology company, reports a healthy pre-market gain of 18.1%. The trading volume is around 2.7 million shares, indicating a solid market interest. At this time, no recent news exists to account for this jump in BNTC’s stock value.

Brushy Resources, Inc. (BRSH) experiences a moderate pre-market gain of 7.0%. The trading volume stands at roughly 1.9 million shares, reflecting a fair amount of market activity. There are no current news headlines associated with this rise in BRSH’s pre-market performance.

SPIR STAR AG (SPIR), a leading manufacturer of high-pressure hoses, observes a 10.6% increase in its pre-market performance. The trading volume for SPIR is about 387,000 shares, suggesting moderate market interest. There’s no news at this time to provide context for this pre-market increase.

Electric vehicle company, Lucid Group, Inc. (LCID), records a positive pre-market gain of 9.5%. The trading volume is substantial at approximately 9.2 million shares, indicating strong investor interest. Currently, there’s no specific news to explain this rise in LCID’s pre-market performance.

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