“Rank With News” Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization Local SEO Service Launched By Kansas City SEO Agency


Overland Park, KS – (NewMediaWire) – February 9, 2023 – Hundreds of Customers LLC, a Kansas City-based Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Agency, has announced that they are launching their new “Rank With News” platform for local businesses, with a guarantee of page one rankings for clients.

More information about the service can be found at https://RankWith.News

This service is designed to allow local and national companies to get featured regularly in the news, and to subsequently use this positioning to impact their positioning in search engines such as Yahoo and Google. The company’s founder, Justin West, said in an announcement Tuesday that they are offering what they claim are fast and guaranteed search engine optimization and rankings through a unique mechanism which they claim has been responsible for their own clients on the front page of Google for various search phrases in as few as 8 hours, contrasted with a more traditional ranking wait time which is normally measured in months. This is accomplished not by putting the client’s own site on page one, but by ensuring that the clients are present on page one via various news articles written on behalf of the client.

The Global Search Engine Optimization services market is expected to have grown to around $65 Billion dollars by the Q2 of 2023, an increase of over 22% from 2021, which was around $52 Billion. Some estimates suggest that the global market for SEO could double to over $135 Billion by 2026 given the current rate of growth.

Hundreds of Customers is a pioneer in the ranking with the news search engine space, and has worked with companies in the United States, Canada, and the UK. Search engine optimization is viewed by many businesses as a key to success when it comes to online marketing. He notes that the RankWith.News platform purports to shortcut the traditional ranking process. Pricing begins at around $2500 USD/month, and focuses upon making sure that consistent, positive news stories are published and syndicated about the clients.

The guarantee offered by Hundreds of Customers LLC states that if the company fails to rank a client on page one of Google via the news, they will work indefinitely at no cost until page one rankings are achieved. West stated that he has offered this guarantee privately to clients in the past, but has never had to honor the guarantee because his services have always been successful.

West states further that his system has helped law firms, cosmetic surgeons, dentists, real estate professionals and others appear dozens of times on page one in organic search, increasing their search volume by as much as 10x, while purporting to stay within the search engine guidelines for “safe rankings,” that don’t get penalized. West claims that they’ve been able to put “clients on page one, often in under a week, often multiple times on page one, with rankings that have stuck for 5+ years or longer,” by “giving Google what it is looking for.” He says this is due to his unique news-based SEO strategy, that puts him in a category that he calls an “organic search engine optimization agency, who guarantees page one rankings.” He states that every client receives “a custom roadmap for SEO Ranking,” and he further claims that this “SEO ranking strategy,” is “a long-term strategy, with short-term time frames,” that, “proves itself that it works quickly, with no ‘black-hat tactics.'” West says his aim is to give clients what he describes as “a weighted SEO advantage,” by focusing on getting them good press and publicity, tempered in a way that seeks to maximize the terms that it ranks for.

When asked why guaranteed SEO was such a unique offer, West responded, “Guaranteed SEO Services have often been a bit of an albatross, because there’s only so much space on page one of any search platform – especially if everyone in the SEO industry is all going after the same keyword rankings.” He continued, “Most companies can’t guarantee rankings after 6 months because there are too many factors that go into ranking any one particular site,” but he asserts that his strategy is different because it does not rely on ranking a client’s own site, but often ranking a news story on a major news platform.

More information can be found by booking a time to speak with Justin West at

Media Contact:

Company Name: Hundreds of Customers LLC

Contact Person: Justin West

Phone: (913) 203-4252

Address: 9200 Indian Creek PKWY #047b

City: Overland Park

State: KS

Postal Code: 66210

Country: United States



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