RentingToFelons Unveils Solutions to the Old-Age Issue of Housing for Felons

DENVER, CO – (NewMediaWire) – September 20, 2023 – Recently, RentingToFelons, a compassionate resource for felons, has
introduced it solutions to the old-age issue of housing for felons. In the United States, countless individuals with a
criminal record face an uphill battle when trying to secure a place to live,
often struggling to find a landlord willing to offer them a second chance. RentingToFelons has taken up the mantle to address this
longstanding issue and make housing more accessible to those seeking to rebuild
their lives after incarceration.

The journey to reintegration into society can be a
challenging one, and for many, it starts with the fundamental need for stable
housing. RentingToFelons recognizes the unique challenges faced by formerly
incarcerated individuals and aims to provide a lifeline to those seeking
housing solutions.

The Housing Challenges Faced by Felons

When people who’ve been in prison try to
find a place to live, they often run into a bunch of tough hurdles that can
really complicate things. These obstacles aren’t just roadblocks; they can
sometimes feel like brick walls that are almost impossible to climb. So, let’s
dive into these challenges:

  • Tough
    Background Checks:
    So, right from the get-go, you’ve got these background checks that
    many landlords insist on doing. Now, I get it, they want to make sure they’re
    renting to safe tenants. But here’s the thing: these checks don’t always take
    into account the details of someone’s past. It doesn’t matter if you made a
    mistake a long time ago and have totally turned your life around; these checks
    can still kick you to the curb.
  • Slim
    Pickings in Housing:
    Another problem is that a lot of landlords are just hesitant to rent
    to folks with a criminal record. This kind of hesitation can really limit your
    choices when it comes to finding a place to live. You might end up with
    not-so-great options that aren’t stable or safe.
  • Living on
    the Edge:
    When your
    housing situation is shaky, your whole life becomes uncertain. It’s like
    walking a tightrope with no safety net. Without a stable place to live, you’re
    more likely to end up without a home, which is a scary prospect. And being
    homeless makes it even harder to get back on your feet.
  • The
    Struggle to Fit In:
    Finally, having a stable place to live is a big deal when you’re
    trying to reintegrate into society. It affects your chances of finding a job,
    reconnecting with your family, and just feeling good about your life. So, it’s
    not just about having a roof over your head; it’s about having a chance to
    rebuild your life.

These challenges are real, and they can
feel pretty overwhelming. But it’s important to recognize them and work toward
solutions that help people who’ve been incarcerated find their footing again
and become positive members of their communities. RentingToFelons is committed to addressing these
pressing issues.

RentingToFelons: Providing Housing Solutions

RentingToFelons is a dedicated partner in the
journey of those seeking to overcome the barriers to housing. Here’s how the
firm offers assistance:

  • Personalized Advocacy: RentingToFelons works closely with clients,
    offering personalized advocacy to help them navigate the housing market. The
    firm understands that each individual’s circumstances are unique.
  • Landlord Education: RentingToFelons engages with landlords to educate
    them about the benefits of providing housing opportunities to formerly
    incarcerated individuals. The firm dispels myths and misconceptions to foster a
    more inclusive rental market.
  • Policy Advocacy: RentingToFelons actively advocates for changes in
    housing policies at local, state, and federal levels. By pushing for fair
    housing practices, RentingToFelons seeks to create a more equitable rental
  • Empowering Clients: Beyond housing, RentingToFelons empowers clients
    by connecting them with critical resources such as employment assistance,
    counseling, and support networks.

RentingToFelons is not just about finding housing;
it’s about providing hope and dignity to individuals who have paid their debt
to society and are striving for a fresh start.

A Human-Centered Approach

RentingToFelons is committed to taking a
human-centered approach to the housing challenges faced by formerly
incarcerated individuals. We understand that each story is unique, and our goal
is to provide tailored solutions and support.

Join us in our mission to make housing a reality
for all, irrespective of their past. Together, we can create a more
compassionate and inclusive society where everyone has the opportunity to
rebuild their lives and contribute to their communities.

For more information about RentingToFelons and how
we can assist you or someone you know, please visit

About RentingToFelons

RentingToFelons is an organization
dedicated to providing housing and support services to individuals who have had
encounters with the criminal justice system. With their goal of redefining
opportunities for chances, in housing, they collaborate with property owners and
managers to create inclusive housing options. Their comprehensive support
services empower individuals to rebuild their lives break the cycle of repeat
offenses and become self members of their communities.

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