Sage Memorial Hospital Trusts Healthcare Triangle for its MEDITECH-as-a-Service Implementation

Healthcare Triangle, Inc. (HCTI) helped Sage Memorial achieve a successful and on-time Go-Live of its MaaS EHR Platform.

PLEASANTON, Calif., Nov. 15, 2021— Healthcare Triangle’s expertise and experience in MEDITECH’s Expanse/MaaS software helped Sage Memorial accelerate their MaaS implementation and successful transition from paper and free-text notes for nursing staff, enabling structured data assessments and electronic care planning.

For decades, Arizona-based Sage Memorial, the first Native-managed private comprehensive health care system in the country and the sole provider of healthcare services for a community of approximately 23,000 people utilized the MEDITECH MAGIC platform, but their configuration of MAGIC resulted in gaps in integration and reliance on paper and hybrid workflows. Leadership began a search for a new system. The MEDITECH MaaS Platform offered an efficient implementation and cost-effective pricing on a modern technology platform.

Being 20+ years away from their last EHR implementation, Sage Memorial faced a steep learning curve to adopting this new technology. They faced core challenges, including a large discrepancy in features and functionality between Sage’s Legacy MEDITECH version and the new functionality of MaaS, lack of implementation knowledge, and limited resourcing.

Sage needed a new EHR to meet the current healthcare requirements (i.e., electronic health documentation) and redesign/build processes to replace ingrained, fragmented manual processes. They wanted to implement a system to support future strategic initiatives, such as re-establishing surgical services and leveraging the new EHR to capture discrete data and more easily report on regulatory requirements.

HCTI guided the implementation of the electronic 837 claim format. HCTI led the effort in coordinating between the Sage team, MEDITECH, and the claims clearinghouse so that claim data could flow smoothly from one system to another. HCTI consultants worked to bridge communications for Sage and MEDITECH staff in understanding each other’s needs and requirements. HCTI also guided the Sage team to focus on implementing the features best suited for their needs. HCTI assisted Sage in setting up and optimizing worklist functionality, replacing paper reports previously required to manage and track daily work. Healthcare Triangle worked closely with MEDITECH to set up and demonstrate the optimum workflow in MaaS.

With the guidance of HCTI experienced consultants, Sage took advantage of system functionality to automate key processes saving time and money. Some of the key results achieved by Sage include:

  • More complete, accurate, and robust data and reporting
  • Ambulatory clinical build focused on efficiencies in documentation per specialty helping to automate billing, improve documentation and regulatory reporting requirements
  • Electronic surgical services configuration allowing for an easier operational implementation when Sage begins providing surgical care
  • By leveraging the new electronic processes such as automated supply chain management, improved document and record management, centralized scheduling, CPOE, and documentation, Sage can access data and reporting that was not previously available.

Reasons for Choosing HCTI

  • Expertise and experience with Expanse/MaaS software, industry best practices, and implementation methodology
  • A strong understanding of project priorities and terminology
  • Experience with IHS unique requirements for documentation and billing
  • Resources with experience in the MAGIC platform and conversion to Expanse/MaaS
  • The trust that HCTI would truly help them for a great price

“HCTI was ‘very cost-effective’ compared to other options presented. With HCTI team’s expertise and dedication, Sage went live on time, successfully transitioning multiple paper workflows. Sage continues to rely on HCTI’s expertise to improve the use of the system to its full potential.” – Coronel Lopez, Sage Project Manager.

About Healthcare Triangle, Inc. (HCTI)

Healthcare Triangle, Inc. based in Pleasanton, Calif., reinforces healthcare progress through breakthrough technology and extensive industry knowledge and expertise. We support healthcare organizations—including hospitals and health systems and health plans—as well as pharma and life sciences organizations, in their efforts to improve health outcomes. Healthcare Triangle enables the rapid adoption of new technologies, data enlightenment, business agility, and response to immediate business needs and competitive threats. The highly regulated healthcare and life sciences industries rely on Healthcare Triangle for expertise in digital transformation encompassing the cloud, security and compliance, data lifecycle management, healthcare interoperability, and clinical and business performance optimization. For more information, visit

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About Sage Memorial Hospital

Navajo Health Foundation – Sage Memorial Hospital, Inc. is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation. It is the first Native-managed private comprehensive health care system in the country, and has been managed since 1978 by an independent, entirely Navajo Board of Directors. Sage Memorial Hospital is the only Native American hospital to hold both a license from the Arizona Department of Health Services and Accreditation from The Joint Commission.

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