Shibafrica Launches New Project, Combining Charity and Earning Opportunities

NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – June 8, 2023 – Shibafrica
is proud to announce the launch of their new project, which will combine the
charity and earning opportunities. Shibafrica, the world’s first token
connected to a charity crowdfunding platform for children in Africa, is making
waves in the world of cryptocurrencies.

is gaining popularity due to its combination of charity and earning
opportunities. The original project was launched on September 28, 2022, with an
initial market cap of $2,200. Since then, it has experienced significant
growth, reaching an All-Time High (ATH) of $420,000, an increase of nearly 200
times compared to its initial value. Despite a setback during the creation of
NFTs, which resulted in an unauthorized token sale and had a negative impact on
the market capitalization, the project has recovered and is growing again.

project is based on the goal of increasing transaction volume, which in turn
leads to increased revenue for charity. Shibafrica is committed to supporting
children in Africa through various associations, with all donations tracked and
verified using Blockchain technology, ensuring maximum transparency.

is concretely carried out in two ways: through the purchase of the Shibafrica
token and through the purchase of investment packages on the website.

Shibafrica project offers 11 investment packages, with values ranging from
0.025 Binance Coin (BNB) to 40 BNB. When purchasing a package, 4% of the amount
is evenly distributed: 2% is allocated to numerous certified charitable
organizations, such as Food For Life Global, an organization that supports an
international network of over 250 projects providing over 1 million meals per
day to children worldwide, and the remaining 2% increases the token’s liquidity
pool. Purchasing a package, 12% of the value is divided as follows: 4% for
charity, 4% for token marketing activities, and 4% for the liquidity pool.

same taxation and distribution apply to those who directly buy and sell the
Shibafrica token, that therefore have 4% buy tax and a 12% sell tax.

the purchase of one or more packages offers at the holder 25% of the value in
Shibafrica tokens and additional passive income generated by the purchases of
the packages by any user, as 30% of the value of each purchased package is proportionally
divided among all package holders. Additionally, there is the opportunity to
earn by inviting others to purchase packages through their referral link. Each
purchase made through a referral generates a 20% gain for the referrer based on
the package amount. Lastly, 10% of the package amount purchased will go into
buyback, and then the tokens will be burned or used as prizes for contests.

On the
official website,, users can find further information and
detailed instructions on how to register and purchase the packages.

there is a limited-time promotion called the “Super contest Shibafrica
Buy”. Purchasing the Shibafrica token entitles users to receive bonus
packages proportionally to the amount purchased. The minimum purchase threshold
to benefit from the promotion is only $10. All promotion details can be found
on the official Telegram group, where numerous giveaways are also organized to
reward loyal users.

the first book by Shibafrica, titled “COLOR BOOK FOR CHILDREN BY
SHIBAFRICA,” will soon be available for sale on Amazon.

the Shibafrica project today, participate in this unique initiative, and make a
difference while also having the opportunity to achieve significant returns
through the world of cryptocurrencies.

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