Smplr, a Crypto and Fiat Financial Analysis Platform for Companies, Opens Access to Early Users and Prepares to Launch a Beta Version


LISBON, Portugal – (NewMediaWire) – February 2, 2023 –  – Smplr, a
full-cycle cryptocurrency platform for companies that want to use or already
using digital financial assets in operations, has granted access to all early
users and will launch an open beta version in the near future. Smplr’s
solutions will allow businesses to effectively track fiat and cryptocurrency
payments and use a non-custodial wallet for asset management in the future.

“Smplr allows you to work with a
mix of fiat and crypto, providing the ability to consolidate incoming and
outcoming payments on a single dashboard, made and planned, with different
currencies (fiat and crypto), legal entities, cost categories, customers, etc,
reduced to a common currency (fiat currency, for example $usd),” Artem
Kirillov, CEO and Co-founder Smplr.

Smplr platform will help a manager to
save up to 30 hours of working time per month, removing routine manual
operations and provide an opportunity to have a transparent financial picture
of the company in real time. Smplr services are primarily designed for
SMB-companies (small-medium business) with up to 200 transactions per day. The
platform will not only speed up the process of sending, receiving and
converting cryptocurrencies to fiat and vice versa, but also generate clear
reporting for regulatory authorities. In addition, Smplr will be useful for
self-employed businessmen, freelancers and other individuals who regularly make
cryptocurrencies and fiat transactions.

“In 2023, we plan to launch a
platform public beta version, integrating our transactional data aggregation
engine with features such as a proprietary non-custodial wallet, counterparty
risk management tools (know-your-transaction), tax calculation service and a
set of crypto-fiat gateways,” commented Artem Kirillov.

It is worth noting that Smplr has
received a $500 000 investment from in November 2022. The development
team currently consists of four people with a combined experience in the
blockchain industry more than 20 years in projects such as Atomicwallet,
Changenow, Hitbtc, Guarda wallet, Metamap and others.

Learn more about the platform here


Smplr is a full cycle platform for SMB
companies, self-employed businessmen, freelancers and individuals that allows
you to effectively track, use and manage cryptocurrencies and fiat funds. It
allows to fully automate transaction records, generate profit and loss
statements in real time. A proprietary non-custodial wallet will help you
securely manage assets and delegate payments within a team in one click.





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