Thompson Savannah Hosts William S. Dutterer Exhibition “Seriously Cheeky” Opening March 8


NEW YORK, NY – (NewMediaWire) – February 15, 2024 – The Thompson Savannah, a luxurious riverfront hotel renowned for its elegance and sophistication, is proud to announce the upcoming exhibition, “Seriously Cheeky: The Playful Pathos of William S. Dutterer,” opening at 6pm EST on March 8, 2024, an event free to the public, in partnership with The William S. Dutterer Trust and Catalyst Contemporary.  The Thompson Savannah is located at 201 Port Street, Savannah, GA.


Celebrating an American Master In Revival

The exhibition, organized by The William S. Dutterer Trust, marks a significant milestone in the ongoing revival of Dutterer’s remarkable body of work. A true American master and rugged individualist, William S. Dutterer (Bill) left an indelible contribution to the art world before his untimely passing from cancer in 2007. Despite his aversion to self-promotion, Dutterer’s contemporaries held him in the highest esteem, recognizing the depth and breadth of his artistic contributions.


Dutterer’s oeuvre is characterized by its playful pathos, a unique blend of wit, irony, and emotional depth. His paintings, sculptures, and mixed-media works resonate with viewers, inviting them to explore the human condition through a lens of both humor and vulnerability. From whimsical portraits to thought-provoking abstract compositions, Dutterer’s art defies easy categorization, transcending traditional boundaries.


Lauren Phillips, Collection Manager of the Trust, shared, “Bill’s work and his career is challenging – characterized by a need to push himself beyond the boundaries of contemporary, conventional art and image production of his time. But when we stop and take time to really see what he’s up to, it feels like a friendly jab or inside joke, an ‘Ah-ha’ moment between old friends. Bill chose to fiercely, unapologetically make art on his terms, and when you submit to his vision, it pulls you in and takes you for a ride.”


The Venue: Thompson Savannah

Thompson Savannah provides an exquisite backdrop for this momentous exhibition. Situated along the historic Savannah River, the hotel seamlessly combines modern luxury with timeless Southern charm. Its world-class venue spaces offer an ideal setting for showcasing a carefully crafted program of Dutterer’s masterworks. Attendees can expect an immersive experience that celebrates both art and hospitality.


Olivia Williams, Program Director at Thompson Savannah, said, “Supporting the arts is an integral part of our ethos at Thompson Savannah. We are honored to host the William S. Dutterer Trust and we look forward to welcoming our community in to pay homage to such an influential artist.”


Opening Night Extravaganza

The exhibition’s opening night promises to be a memorable affair. In addition to viewing Dutterer’s captivating pieces, guests will be treated to drinks and a musical performance by Jon Lindsay. Lindsay, known for his creative melodies and wry, introspective lyrics, will showcase songs from his highly anticipated fourth full-length album, set to release later in 2024. As a recording and performing artist he has toured internationally behind his catalog of three albums and three EPs. Lindsay is also a producer, and the co-founder, with Caitlin Cary, of the NC Music Love Army. His songs have appeared in film and television, and he began his career playing keyboards for Benji Hughes, The Catch Fire, and The Young Sons. 


Don’t miss this extraordinary celebration of art, culture, and creativity. Join us at Thompson Savannah on March 8, 2024, as we honor the legacy of William S. Dutterer and revel in the magic of “Seriously Cheeky.”


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Note: High-resolution images of Dutterer’s artwork and the Thompson Savannah venue are available upon request.


About the William S. Dutterer Trust

The William S. Dutterer Trust was founded in 2017 by Jamie Johnson, William Dutterer’s wife, ten years after the artist’s death. After organizing, photographing, cataloging and carefully storing the collection of over 2000 objects, Johnson created the Trust to firmly establish and contextualize the legacy of the artist. Dutterer spent much of his career disengaging from the market forces of the New York art world in favor of studio time and creation; the Trust’s mission is to remedy that by bringing his artwork to the public. Dutterer’s existing oeuvre consists of paintings, works on paper, monotypes, and mixed media, with many objects bridging categories. Since its inception, the Trust has published a monograph with contributions by respected scholars and writers within the Post-War and Contemporary academic and critical spheres, placed artwork in six institutions, and found representation for the artist’s work at Catalyst Contemporary, Baltimore, MD.


William S. Dutterer has exhibited globally, in both solo and group exhibitions, including the 34th Biennial (1975) at the Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C. (1968, 1969, 1970), Prospect ’73 Painters, Kunsthalle Düsseldorf (1973), and the Baltimore Museum of Art (1970), Detroit Institute of Art (1969), Instituto Guatemalteco Americano (1972), Miami Arts Center (1975), and Mana Contemporary, Jersey City (2022), among many others. His work is in the Carnegie Museum of Art, Pittsburg, PA; Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington D.C.; The Katzen Arts Center, American University, Washington D.C.; and the National Gallery of Art, Washington D.C., including other private and institutional collections. Dutterer taught painting at The New School (1986-1987) and at The Corcoran Gallery School of Art (1967-1986) and was the recipient of various awards and grants, including the Visual Arts Fellowship, National Endowment for the Arts (1980), Ford Foundation Grant (1979), and the Workshop Fellowship, Washington Gallery of Modern Art (1968).


About Thompson Savannah: 

The Thompson Savannah is a boutique hotel that seamlessly blends Southern hospitality with contemporary luxury. Located in the heart of Savannah’s historic district, it offers discerning travelers an unforgettable experience.


About Catalyst Contemporary: 

Catalyst Contemporary is a fine art advisory and exhibition production company in Baltimore, exhibiting international artists. We focus on contemporary art of all mediums that tell stories. Since 2019, Catalyst has represented artists who explore and address the issues of our time through many voices, while forging relationships between artists, collectors, and both creative and civic minded individuals. The work of William S. Dutterer is represented by Catalyst Contemporary.



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