Unus Labs Announces Launch of its Native $VV Token on Pinksale, First Step Towards Building a Digital Central Hub for Individuals Identity

Prague, Czech Republic – (NewMediaWire) – April 11, 2023 – Tech company Unus Labs announces it is officially launching its native $VV token, which will be available to buy on Pinksale from April 11th at 14:00 UTC.

This represents the first step in a move towards building a digital central hub for individuals’ identity, and launching their Generative AI avatar creation tools, ultimately expanding the Unus Labs ecosystem and advancing its mission. 

Unus Labs is a digital transformation solution on a mission to facilitate a global shift to greater safety, ownership and connectivity for people using their online identities throughout different metaverses and digital worlds. As the creative hub and design house behind the VV ecosystem, Unus Labs leads the creative direction for all architectures, Web3, experiential design across the VV metaverse, products, and tools.

A crucial element of the VV ecosystem, the $VV token is much more than just another cryptocurrency: it serves as the main engine for value transfer within the platform, but it’s also the first step towards enacting cross-platform structures and allowing different currencies to be used throughout all digital worlds as part of Unus Labs’ global vision for a brighter, more connected future for all. 

Unus Labs’ flagship product, VV Social, is an innovative online social media platform using metaverse-ready technology to link an individuals’ physical self with their first human-backed avatar, Virtual Version, which can be used in VR, AR, Web2, Web3 and metaverse applications. With VV Social, Unus Labs is building “digital twins” acting as a single central hub for an individual’s online self, and in doing so providing them with the unique ability to own and control their cross-platform self-sovereign identity. Through patent-pending technology and state of the art solutions five years in the making, Virtual Version is a high-fidelity avatar that’s simple to use anywhere online, providing both a single identification system and end user simplicity.

Led by an experienced 8-figure exited entrepreneur, Unus Labs has successfully completed a 7-figure R&D stage and a 140% oversubscribed pre-seed round backed by six angel investors. Further demonstrating the revolutionary potential of such an innovative platform, it currently counts one of the largest metaverse-ready user bases in web3 and 20+ LOIs completed, with up to multi-billion ARR conglomerates ready to integrate VV technology.

Harrison Gwinnett, founder and CEO of Unus Labs, says: “We are super excited about this year of 2023. Our team have been building in silence for over two years, now it’s time for us to bring all of our products to market!”

About Unus Labs

Unus Labs is a holding company that’s building multiple subsidiaries in Web3 focusing on creating meaningful experiences. Focusing on Web2 usability with Web3 technology, they remove the pain steps that have prevented Web2 users from entering the industry. Unus Labs gives people the perks of Web3 whilst removing the complexity.

Phone Number: 1 650 989 5017

Address: Umelecka, Prague, Czech Republic

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