Amesite’s CEO Ann Marie Sastry Special Guest in ARK Invest’s Podcast

An Intriguing Discussion About The Future of Education and AI’s Role In It

DETROIT, July 7, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Amesite Inc. (NASDAQ: AMST), a leading artificial intelligence software company offering a cloud-based learning platform for education, business, and government markets, announces today that Dr. Ann Marie Sastry participated as a special guest in an ARK Invest Podcast hosted by Cathie Wood of ARK Invest and Angie Dalton of Signum Growth Capital.

The podcast, entitled “How Artificial Intelligence is Powering Education with Dr. Ann Marie Sastry”, can be found here:

During this episode, Dr. Sastry and Ms. Wood and Ms. Dalton dove into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and education. They discussed the importance of engagement in education, the role of technology and generative AI, and the need to inspire learners in new ways. Dr. Sastry shared her experience in selling products into a dramatically new and accepting market, and her passion for delivering education using technology to inspire learners. The conversation covered personalized teaching and how AI can help people leverage their strengths, the shift in gaming towards creator platforms, and the need for education to compete with other forms of entertainment. The speakers also shared personal experiences with technology-integrated education and the importance of social media in engaging younger generations.

Key Points from This Episode include:

  • Bridging education and AI for innovative approaches to future learning.
  • Shifting from education as a sorting function to cultivating individual talents.
  • Education through innovation offers socioeconomically disadvantaged students life-changing opportunities.
  • The Innovation Foundation’s age-appropriate research curriculum in Pinellas County offers personalized, innovative education, fostering a mindset change in students, and preparing them for future jobs.
  • AI personalizes education, recognizing individual strengths in students, aiding teachers, and promoting creativity.
  • AI integration enhances learning by providing relevant, contextual information and promoting user-friendly, innovative learning experiences.
  • Integrating AI and social media into education encourages engagement, creativity, and economic relevance.

In the podcast, Dr. Sastry also described Amesite’s customers, who are embracing innovation. She also the difference in approach between Amesite and aggregators like Coursera, EdX and Udacity, saying “individual institutions need to have a brand identity and be able to leverage this technology so they can serve their users and learners.”

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About Amesite Inc.

Amesite delivers its scalable, customizable, white-labeled online learning platform to universities, businesses, museums, and government agencies, enabling them to deliver outstanding digital learning. Amesite provides a single system that combines eCommerce, instruction, engagement, analytics, and administration using best-in-class infrastructure to serve multi-billion-dollar online learning markets. For more information, visit

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