Baker Tilly Kuwait has Recently Earned the Well-Deserved Great Place to Work Certification Awarded by the US-based Great Place to Work

KUWAIT CITY, Kuwait – (NewMediaWire) – October 20, 2022 – Baker Tilly Kuwait has recently earned the well-deserved “Great Place To Work” Certification awarded by the US-based Great Place To Work® to companies and organizations that exert remarkable efforts to create a comfortable, positive and motivating work environment for employees. 

Creating a healthy productive work environment undoubtedly requires effort by the business entity’s management and staff members as they are the stakeholders and owners of a work environment. Similarly, a sustainable effort is required to maintain and develop such an environment.

A healthy productive work environment would be founded on five basic components, i.e., respect, teamwork, training, communication, and opportunities.

Respect is the first component of a productive work environment, as everyone deserves to be treated with respect.

Respect should be shown by the business entity’s management to all employees, by all employees to the management, and by employees to each other.

The best way to promote respect in the workplace, for everyone, is to lead by example.

Teamwork is the second component of a productive work environment and is very popular for employees in business.

The importance of teamwork lies in the fact that the team cooperatively seeks to achieve the same objectives. This promotes collective dialogue and exchange of skills among the staff members, and thus, enhances their competencies.

Further, training is the third component of a productive work environment, as the team is the most valuable asset of any business entity. From this perspective, care should be provided to the team in order for it to continue and grow.

Training is a means that business entities utilize to invest in their workforce, including tailored online training programs, orientation and coaching programs and on-the-job training. The more knowledge the management transfers to employees, the more productive they will be.

Communication is the fourth component of a productive work environment. To enhance communication in the workplace, Baker Tilly management has established a communication channel with its team whereby they can communicate their viewpoints about developing the work environment.

Employees should share their ideas and suggestions with the management through the communication channel.

The management should consider such ideas and suggestions, adopt the right ones, and explain the reasons for not adopting others.

Last but not the least, opportunities are the fifth component of a productive work environment. Successful business entities over time explore the skills and capabilities of their teams. When there are vacancies, the team is provided the opportunity, on priority basis, to be nominated for filling the vacancies of higher positions, which have similarities of 75% in terms of required knowledge and skills while the remaining is upgraded through on-the-job training and other training techniques. 

About Baker Tilly Kuwait

Baker Tilly in Kuwait is an independent member of the Baker Tilly International network based in the UK, ranked amongst the top 10 global accounting networks. The firm provides auditing & assurance, and tax services as well as consulting & advisory services in accounting, investment, management, financial, actuarial, and information technology to assist several sectors such as government, oil and gas, banks, listed companies, licensed companies, and other entities.

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