CN Energy: An Undervalued Gem in the Booming Renewable Energy Sector

Renewable energy encompasses sub-domains like activated carbon and biomass electricity, which have significant growth potential across various industries. Activated carbon is utilized in water treatment, air purification, food and beverage processing, pharmaceuticals, automotive, and more. Additionally, emerging countries like China are experiencing substantial growth in installed biomass power generation capacity. Today, we revisit CN Energy Group Inc. (NASDAQ: CNEY), an undervalued renewable energy player taking advantage of these thriving markets. Since our previous coverage, CN Energy has achieved compelling and noteworthy milestones in addition to impressive financial gains, making it an optimal time to revisit.

Company Overview

CN Energy is a leading provider of wood-based activated carbon catering to diverse industries, including pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, water purification, environmental protection, and food and beverage production. In addition to producing activated carbon, the company also generates biomass electricity as a byproduct of its manufacturing process. CN Energy serves an extensive customer base comprising food and beverage producers, water treatment manufacturers, industrial manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and environmental protection enterprises. To ensure a steady supply of raw materials, CN Energy procures forestry residues, little fuelwood, and wood wastes from its trusted suppliers, primarily located near its manufacturing facility in Tahe County, Heilongjiang Province, China, which is situated close to the Greater Khingan Range. The company also sources raw materials from the Inner Mongolia Manzhouli Region. CN Energy operates a carbon sink forest in Yunnan Province, China, as part of its commitment to sustainable development goals, such as greenhouse gas emissions reduction and environmental preservation.

Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Lishui, China, CN Energy leverages its expertise in activated carbon production to contribute to a greener future while meeting the growing demands of various industries.

Core Offerings

CN Energy is a key player in the production and sale of activated carbon, a highly porous material known for its adsorptive properties. Activated carbon finds applications in various industries, including water purification, air filtration, sewage treatment, metal extraction, and even teeth whitening. The quality of activated carbon is measured by its Methylene blue number, which indicates its absorptive capacity. CN Energy offers a range of activated carbon products categorized into medium-quality, high-quality, superior-quality, and customized-quality, each with different Methylene blue number ranges. These products are utilized in industrial manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and beverage production, among other sectors.

In addition to its activated carbon production, CN Energy is actively engaged in biomass electricity generation, which contributes to its revenue growth. Biomass is a renewable energy source derived from organic materials obtained from plants and animals. When burned, biomass releases chemical energy in the form of heat, making it a viable fuel source. It can also be utilized to produce liquid biofuels and biogas. One of the primary challenges in the activated carbon industry is the availability and pricing of feedstock. CN Energy addresses this by utilizing forestry residues, little fuelwood, and wood wastes as feedstock for its activated carbon production. With its unique approach and efficient production process, CN Energy is poised for rapid scalability in the industry.

An Undervalued Opportunity

CN Energy is a massively undervalued opportunity given its market cap of $10.22M, and considering its recent impressive financial performance. In FY2022, the Company experienced great substantial growth, with revenue increasing from approximately $19.8 million in FY2021 to approximately $40.2 million. This growth can be attributed to CN Energy's focus on producing and selling activated carbon products, which have garnered significant demand in industries such as pharmaceuticals, industrial manufacturing, and water purification. CN Energy's net income also saw a remarkable 72% increase, rising from approximately $1.3 million in FY2021 to approximately $2.2 million in FY2022. As a result, earnings per share rose from $0.02 in FY2021 to $0.10 in FY2022. These financial milestones not only highlight the Company's strong performance and potential for long-term growth and profitability, but showcase CN Energy as a seriously undervalued opportunity in massive markets.

Recent Milestones

CN Energy has recently achieved significant milestones that make the company worth renewed attention. Their subsidiary, Tahe Biopower Plant, obtained a renewed business license to process and sell timber products, enabling efficient collection and processing of forest residuals and wood wastes. This allows for the production of higher value-added products such as wood boards from larger logs and activated carbon and biochar from smaller branches, twigs, and sawdust. These practices not only support resource utilization, environmental protection, and forest fire prevention but also enhance supply chain integration and promote sustainability. The license renewal is expected to expand revenue sources while providing a secure and reliable product supply, leading to cost reduction, improved product quality, and increased competitiveness.

In addition, CN Energy's subsidiary, Zhejiang CN Energy New Materials Co., Ltd., secured a significant contract to supply high-quality wood-based activated carbon to a pharmaceutical industry buyer. Wood-based activated carbon is in high demand in pharmaceutical applications for its effectiveness in impurity filtration, toxin removal, liquid purification, and color removal. Leveraging their advanced physical pyrolysis processes, CNEY produces activated carbon products with large porous surfaces, high purities, and low ash contents, offering safety, efficiency, and reliability. These recent milestones highlight CN Energy’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and market expansion. Their success in obtaining the renewed business license and securing the pharmaceutical contract demonstrates their capabilities in addressing industry demands and achieving client satisfaction. By prioritizing R&D, quality control, and marketing efforts, the company aims to differentiate itself from competitors and steadily increase its market share. With their focus on growth and profitability, CN Energy presents an enticing opportunity.

Source: Yahoo Finance

Final Thoughts

CN Energy is a hugely undervalued opportunity in the booming renewable energy sector. The Company's focus on producing and selling activated carbon products, coupled with its involvement in biomass electricity generation, positions it very favorably in fast-growing markets. Despite its market cap of $10.22M, CN Energy appears undervalued based on its financial performance. With an impressive $0.10 earnings per share and a low stock price of $0.19, the Company demonstrates strong profitability with an EBITDA of $0.10 per share. In addition to its financial strength, CN Energy has achieved significant milestones that highlight CN Energy’s ability to capitalize on industry trends and its commitment to innovation and market expansion. Readers at SmallCaps Daily looking for an undervalued small-cap renewable energy player should consider exploring CN Energy as a solid investment prospect for long-term growth and profitability.


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