Digital Fashion Project Turns Japanese Stage Costumes Into Digital Wearables

Tokyo – (NewMediaWire) – July 19, 2023 – For over 125 years, Shochiku Group has been a leader in the production of traditional Japanese performing arts including kabuki as well as many world-renowned films such as works by Yasujiro Ozu. The purpose of the Digital Fashion Project is to share Shochiku Group’s philosophy of Japanese culture through digital fashion, which has been gaining attention around the world in recent years.  

In this project, DRESSX’s team created digital twins of the actual stage costumes, making them available for augmented reality (AR) try-on and as editorial quality metalooks on the DRESSX platform. Users can virtually try the costumes on for free using the AR function on the DRESSX mobile app, which allows users to wear garments on their photos and videos in real time. For editorial quality fitting, users can purchase a metalook, where the garment will be custom dressed on the user’s image within 24 hours, making it look completely natural. 

The first part of the project features digital versions of three traditional Japanese dance costumes created by Shochiku Costume Co. Ltd., a unit of the Shochiku Group that is renowned for its gorgeous stage wear. Drawn from famous classical dance performances, “Fuji Musume,” (The Wisteria Maiden) “Sagi Musume,” (The Heron Maiden) and “Ame no Gorō,” (Gorō in the Rain) these three kimono will provide users an in-depth experience of the Japanese stage costumes, something that would be challenging in real life due to their rarity. The SHOCHIKU digital collection is inspired by costumes that appear in classic works of nihon buyō (classical Japanese dance). Details of the kimono are as follows. 

1. Fuji Musume

Based on the costume in Fuji Musume (“The Wisteria Maiden” first staged in 1826), this kimono is worn by the spirit of the wisteria blossom as she performs a graceful, charming dance.

2. Sagi Musume

Based on the costume in Sagi Musume (“The Heron Maiden” first staged in 1762), which features the spirit of a heron that transforms into various maidens. 

3.Ame no Gorō

Based on the costume in Ame no Gorō (“Gorō in the Rain” first performed in 1841), the kimono is worn by the young hero Soga no Gorō who is traveling through the rain to visit his courtesan lover. 

“Since its founding, the Shochiku Group has passed on and developed traditional Japanese culture, but in recent years, it has taken on the challenge of developing digital content,” says Takahiro Inoue, Shochiku Managing Director. “We are very pleased to be collaborating with DRESSX, a world leader in the field of digital fashion. In this project, the latest technology was used to digitally express the delicate nature of Japanese dance costumes as exactly as possible, and I was very impressed by the quality. I am looking forward to seeing how people around the world will use them.” 

“DRESSX is excited to collaborate with Shochiku Group, uniting the East and West, and bringing stunning Japanese heritage to life in the digital realm,” DRESSX founders Daria Shapovalova and Natalia Modenova said in a joint comment. “We see extraordinary cultural value in this project. We are also proud to have the opportunity to provide our audience with the chance to try unique costumes for free on the DRESSX app and to create editorial quality artwork with their own photo when purchasing a metalook.”

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About Shochiku

The Shochiku Group is a leading Japanese entertainment conglomerate. Founded in 1895, Shochiku Co., Ltd. began as a kabuki theater management company before branching out into motion pictures and becoming one of Japan’s Big Four film studios. Its mission is to pass on and develop the tradition of Japanese culture and contribute to world culture. 


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