Exploring an Alternative to Surgery for Joint Pain Treatment with QC Kinetix (Exton)’s Sports Medicine Treatments

Exton, PA – (NewMediaWire) – September 16, 2022 – via QC Kinetix – QC Kinetix (Exton) offers natural treatment therapies to Exton, PA, residents suffering from acute or chronic joint pain problems. The pain control clinic is exploring alternative treatment strategies to save community members from the costly, complicated, and risky option of surgically correcting their joint-related problems. Having been open for some time, the clinic has attended to many clients and has received several positive feedback for its treatments.

The pain control clinic’s spokesperson, Scott Hoots, describing what they do, said: “At QC Kinetix, our treatment formulas use the body’s own mechanisms to repair and restore damaged joint and musculoskeletal tissue. These treatments get to the root cause of your pain by restoring normal tissue function while reducing pain and inflammation. As a bonus, regenerative medicine also stimulates the production of new, healthier tissue and strengthens existing non-damaged tissue. We have helped past patients in Exton, PA heal chronic inflammatory pain from various conditions.”

QC Kinetix (Exton)‘s goal is to leverage natural treatment modalities to address painful conditions and their symptoms. The clinic believes the best way to address joint-related problems is by getting to the root of the problem and encouraging the body’s natural healing mechanism for long-term advantages. With this belief, they have shunned the reliance on pain medications that have no long-term advantages and instead address the painful symptom for a short period. Through natural and regenerative treatments, the clinic is able to combat not only those painful symptoms but also channel treatments to address other problems.

Speaking on their sports medicine and regenerative medicine therapies, the clinic’s spokesperson noted that patients do not have to worry about long recovery periods as with surgical procedures. He mentioned that their approach is minimally invasive, guaranteeing that clients will be back on their feet instantly and without the common risks and complications of surgery.

Encouraging more residents of Exton, PA to visit to learn more about their Exton office and schedule an appointment, a treatment provider noted that they offer initial consultation services to clients. This consultation meeting aims to better understand the specific issues suffered by the client and how the clinic can address them. Clients can rest assured that they will undergo a comprehensive assessment and examination during their consultation appointment. The treatment providers will also go over their medical history to understand how best to structure treatments and possible allergies exhibited by the client. By going over the patients’ medical history, the medical providers can also be able to distinguish whether the treatments are suitable as they recommend that individuals, including nursing women or people with acute immune issues, avoid them.

Once a diagnosis has been established, the treatment providers focus on designing a personalized treatment plan that addresses the symptoms and improves the underlying conditions. Clients can relax knowing that their dynamic treatment plan will change as their condition improves and symptoms subside. The team will also focus on addressing underlying issues by providing essential building blocks for tissue repair and regeneration.

QC Kinetix (Exton) is open to all Exton, PA, residents suffering from pain and discomfort affecting their joints. The clinic has the right modalities to address pain and discomfort arising from arthritis, cartilage tears, diabetic neuropathy, fibromyalgia, gout, multiple sclerosis, foot pain, sports injuries, spinal conditions, etc.

The clinic is also open to community members suffering from knee pain, back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain, and pain in other joints of the body. Exton, PA, residents looking to save themselves from the risks, costs, and complications of surgical procedures can visit the pain control clinic’s website to learn more about their treatments, reviews, and schedule an appointment.

QC Kinetix (Exton) is located at 80 W Welsh Pool Rd, Suite 201 N, Exton, PA, 19341, US. The treatment providers can be reached via phone at (215) 999-3000 for appointment booking or visit their website.

Media Contact:

Company Name: QC Kinetix (Exton)

Contact Person: Scott Hoots

Phone: (215) 999-3000

Address: 80 W Welsh Pool Rd, Suite 201 N

City: Exton

State: PA

Postal Code: 19341

Country: US


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