FUND THE PLANET Announces the Acquisition of More Rainforest for its Future NFT Collection

New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – August 11, 2022 – FUND THE PLANET, an environmental sustainability-focused blockchain
company, is announcing the acquisition of 1,261 acres (5.1 square kilometers) of
rainforest real estate for its upcoming NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) collection of
Rainforest Tokens. Focused on helping organizations and consumers achieve their
ESG goals and compensate for their negative environmental impacts. FUND THE PLANET
is securing and preserving rainforest ecosystems while providing incentives,
transparency, and rewards for rainforest token holders. Their mission is
creating a fast scaling system, which will prevent further deforestation,
degradation, and the collapse of the Amazon in order to fight climate change
effectively on a large scale. The company has acquired over 2,662 acres (10.78
square kilometers) of endangered rainforest since the company was founded in
May 2021.

The acquisition of this Amazonia rainforest
real estate in the Sarayacu district of Peru will increase efforts to preserve
rainforests by utilizing blockchain technology via NFTs (Non-fungible tokens).
This gives organizations and consumers anywhere on the planet the opportunity
to make a direct impact on the endangered ecosystem, reduce or offset their
carbon footprint, and achieve specific SDG goals (Sustainable Development
Goals). All with a straightforward purchase of its tokens, in complete
transparency, and with ample proof of the positive impact at their fingertips.

The preserved rainforest area can now be
customized by business clients using FUND THE PLANET. This can be done through
over-the-counter transactions by contacting FUND THE PLANET directly through
the company’s website or other preferred payment channels. For individuals who
cannot use cryptocurrencies, FUND THE PLANET now offers wire transfers and
other payment methods.

The proceeds from the sale of the rainforest
token go toward the transparent method of preserving more rainforest and
further sustainable investment. This initiative is geared toward the local
communities, with the goal of impacting the local economy by creating job
opportunities, rainforest ecotourism, and more. These projects are intended to
discourage deforestation while also providing a sustainable alternative to the
local community and incentivize everyone to protect their precious natural
capital and fight against climate change.

FUND THE PLANET has also launched the
Rainforest Explorer alongside the Rainforest Tokens, a virtual interactive
interface that shows the rainforest being preserved. It is open for the public
to track the claimed impact of cooperative and individual token holders. It is
a world map that contains ecological data such as carbon sequestered,
freshwater produced, area protected by tokens, and a multitude of other
important specifications about the rainforest parcel being conserved. This
interface contains media including preservation work, property condition, and
the FUND THE PLANET team’s groundwork while tracking subsequent progress as
transparently as possible for individuals to follow up on. Rainforest Token
holders can create a public, shareable, profile in the Rainforest Explorer to
prove and display their positive impact.

In the coming years, FUND THE PLANET will work
to improve its position as a leading impact company that specializes in
rainforest preservation. Offering people and organizations around the world the
opportunity to reduce their carbon and ecological footprint sustainably and
have a direct stake in protecting endangered rainforest ecosystems. Regions
with a history of heavy industrialization and pollution, such as Europe and the
United States, are currently FUND THE PLANET’s target audience.


FUND THE PLANET is an environmental
sustainability-focused and German-based blockchain company focused on
rainforest preservation. The company is securing and preserving rainforest
ecosystems while providing incentives, transparency, and rewards for rainforest
token holders, with the aim of getting everyone involved in preserving nature
and utilizing blockchain technology to make it possible at scale. This solution
offers a better alternative to the local rainforest landowners that
incentivizes the preservation of the ecosystem instead of destroying it,
therefore protecting it from parties who intend on engaging in environmentally
unsustainable activities on that rainforest real estate. The company fosters
the protection of these lands and guarantees they remain untouched. Their
mission is creating a fast scaling system, which will prevent the collapse of
the Amazon and effectively fight climate change on a large scale. This company
closely is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nation
and is looking to redefine corporate and individual sustainability in our time.

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