KoreTrak Smart Watch Fitness Tracker Activity Band Launches

Chicago, IL – (NewMediaWire) – August 12, 2020 – The new KoreTrak fitness tracker smartwatch band by KoreHealth comes with great enthusiasm and excitement for consumers who want to monitor their daily body activity in real time at an affordable price. The KoreHealth KoreTrak watch launch announcement has sent shock waves throughout the industry by capturing the attention of consumers based on a number of exceptional wellness monitoring features and high-tech functionality that users simply will not find anywhere else for the price of this new smart body fitness tracker.

KoreTrak offers a full range of smartwatch and fitness tracker benefits – but at a fraction of the price of similar competing products. The best fitness tracking activity bands on the market can cost upwards of $250, but by wearing the KoreTrak activity monitoring wristwatch daily; you can track heart rate and blood pressure, receive smartphone notifications, monitor vital sign activity, and even check blood oxygen levels – all from your wrist – for much less than the Apple smartwatches and Fitbit fitness trackers and is optimal for any age.

Priced at only $50 per unit, KoreTrak is exclusively available through

The official opening description for the KoreTrak Smart Watch calls it as, “This no-fuss smart tracker gives clear and precise insight into everything you need to reach your goals, stay on track, and improve your well-being.”

The smart body monitor tracks your fitness levels by syncing up and connecting with your phone, for example. KoreTrak uses your phone’s motion sensors and GPS to analyze and track your fitness. In a quick glance, users can track how many miles you walked today, for example, or how far you ran or cycled. But the step counter is just the start this state of the art fitness tracker has to offer consumers today. It also has customizable sedentary warning alerts that will inform users when to get up and move more frequently after a period of inactivity.

All of this is done with an easy to setup user-friendly KoreTrak app that is compatible with Apple iPhone and Android smartphones. You can also use KoreTrak on its own without pairing to a phone. The device stores up to 7 days of data, then syncs to your phone automatically. On-board sensors let you track various information about your health and fitness such as real time exercise stats, heart rate pulse, and sleep analysis.

How KoreTrak Fitness Tracker Works

The biggest attraction for KoreHealth’s KoreTrak activity band is the advanced fitness tracking and smartwatch connectivity at an affordable price. Overall, KoreTrak provides the majority of the vital health monitoring functionality other leading fitness trackers on the market do, but at a noticeably lower price point.

The high-tech smart body tracker wristband logs your personal biometric data, exercise movements and sleep, all while becoming more adaptable to your progress towards achieving your wellness goals. All of this is done on a big 1.3″ HD display that is easy to read and understand no matter which multi-sport tracking and advanced exercise metrics are of value to each individual KoreTrak watch user.

And, like any smartwatch, KoreTrak also displays smartphone alert notifications. After connecting KoreTrak to your phone via Bluetooth, the fitness tracker will display notifications from your phone. You don’t have to interrupt your exercise to check your phone and will get all calls and text message vibration alerts to avoid less time-sucking distractions and phone checking impulses.

Core features on KoreTrak include all of the following:

  • Fitness tracker and activity monitoring wristband
  • Call and text message vibration alerts (even missed call reminders)
  • Sleep analysis
  • Track heart rate, blood pressure, and blood oxygen in under 10 seconds
  • 24/7 calorie and step tracking
  • Easy for anyone to use
  • Can even be used to find your phone if it’s been misplaced

Another nifty feature with KoreTrak is that it’s IP67 water-resistant, which means it’s been independently certified to survive immersion in one meter of water for 30 minutes. Because of this rating, you can easily wear KoreTrak in the shower or outside on a rainy day. It should even work while swimming, although KoreTrak does not seem to have a swim tracking function.

Although KoreTrak works best when paired with a phone via Bluetooth, you can also control the fitness tracker without a phone. The smartwatch has a touchscreen that lets you tap through notifications, view tracked data, and more – all without unlocking your phone or reaching into your pocket. There are no real buttons or customizations: you change functions via a long press or short press.

The KoreTrak fitness tracker first appeared online in the summer of 2020 and is out to give the big fitness tracker brands a run for their money. It’s available in multiple colors, and you can select your preferred color option at checkout.

Where to Buy KoreTrak Smart Fitness Tracker Watch

KoreTrak is priced at around $50 per unit, although you can get a significant discount by ordering multiple units at once. Buying two KoreHealth watches will not lower the price per unit, but ordering three KoreTrak smartwatches will drop the price per wristband drop under $40 for each.

KoreTrak comes with a 30 day refund policy. You can request a complete refund within 30 days with no questions asked. However, it’s important to note the return policy in that it only applies to unopened and unused KoreTrak watches. If you have already opened your KoreTrak package, then you cannot request a refund. To get in touch with KoreTrak customer support team, contact KoreHealth by email: or by phone at United States & Canada: 609 414 7087.

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Final Words on Using KoreTrak

The emergence of KoreHealth in the direct-to-consumer health and fitness world has been nothing short of amazing in 2020. And now, the flagship fitness tracker smartwatch is set to lead the charge for anyone looking to gain valuable insights into your body and heart activity, or even get fit faster with the KoreTrak app as an accountability partner for staying active and recording workouts.

Here is why KoreHealth put together KoreTrak fitness tracker smartwatch according to the official website:

“KoreTrak wanted to make it easy and convenient to track your health and fitness journey. That’s why KoreTrak focuses on functionality and a simple but sleek design and interface, so anyone can easily learn how to setup and use it. Our no frills take on wearable fitness trackers make it convenient and accessible to all people of all ages.”

In closing, the KoreHealth KoreTrak Fitness Tracker is meant to help users crush their fitness goals, get better sleep enhancing feedback or stay connected to their body in a smart and intuitive way. Do not miss this new opportunity to check out the real health benefits from the innovative versatility and advanced functionality the KoreTrak Smart Body Tracker has to offer at an extremely affordable cost while introductory prices last.

To learn more about the KoreTrak fitness tracker and how it works, visit online today at

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