Lexaria is Expanding CBD Use Beyond Medical Applications into $2.65 Billion Marketplace

New York, NY – (NewMediaWire) – April 08, 2021 – PCG Digital — The team at Lexaria Bioscience (Nasdaq:LEXX), a leader in cannabinoid research, has been thinking outside the box. Utilizing DehydraTECHTM, their proprietary drug delivery technology, they are showing that its benefits can enrich more than just CBD medical applications.


Though they are currently executing groundbreaking work in anti-hypertension solutions, Lexaria received their first patent in 2016 for CBD-infused beverages and consumable liquids. That was years before big cannabis companies entered the space.


DehydraTECHTMwas developed to facilitate the delivery of fat-soluble molecules through the human gastrointestinal system. Extensive testing has shown that it reduces the time for CBD to enter the bloodstream, increases absorption rate, and improves taste and smell.


This revolutionary technology is currently being tested in a number of medical applications, including anti-hypertensive drugs and Covid-19 vaccine and treatment options. 


Test Results Show Lasting CBD Potency in Nic’s Cold Brew


On March 24th, Lexaria released a progress report on a long-term stability study they’ve been conducting on DehydraTECH-powered, CBD-infused beverages at Nic’s Beverages, owners of Nic’s Cold Brew. The study showed a potency rate of 93.4% after one year, much higher than many competitors. 


The testing also showed no microbial growth and complete uniformity. The latter is important because most CBD-based beverages need to be shaken prior to use. That’s not the case with the advanced nano-emulsion DehydraTECHTMbeverages.  


John Goodpasture, CEO of Nic’s, has described the flavor and aroma experience as “exceptional.” The study will continue until the formulation is no longer stable. Most beverages have a “time decay” of some kind, but to date the Lexaria-powered products at Nic’s have yet to reach it. 


Nic’s Beverages is an Arkansas-based family-owned company with a goal to deliver high-quality CBD-infused coffee that tastes great and doesn’t leave you jittery after you drink it. Their CBD is sourced from 100% American home-grown hemp.       


Amari’s “Everyday Calm” Makes Top Picks List with DehydraTECHTM


Adding to an already successful start to 2021, Amari Corp, a corporate client of Lexaria, was awarded a “Top Product Pick” award by New Hope Network Media for their “Everyday Calm” CBD product that was developed with DehydraTECHTMtechnology. 


Amari went through an extensive selection process for our CBD technology supplier,” reported Eric Gricus, CEO and Founder of Amari. “Lexaria exceeded our expectations for product quality, service and pricing. We are thrilled to have their R&D team working with Amari.”


Everyday Calm is a blend of amla, passionflower and lemon balm mixed with a proprietary blend of ashwagandha, turmeric, black pepper and CBD. The product is designed with the goal of relieving stress and mild anxiety. It’s classified as a “mood enhancer.”  


New Hope Network Media is a natural products marketplace thatbusinesses can use to identify the people, products, partnerships and trends that create opportunities to grow businesses and bring more health to people. Its mission is to grow healthy markets. 


Diversity at Lexaria is Creating Positive Cashflow


The CBD processing division at Lexaria is about 800% busier this year than a year ago and generating positive cash flows from operations. In addition to the CBD-infused beverage space, the company is crushing it in the medical sector, particular with anti-hypertensive development.


Human clinical trials in 2018 showed that a 90mg dose of DehydraTECHTMCBD lowers blood pressure by as much as 5%. That same 2020 study also showed higher blood flow to the brain and faster delivery of CBD into the bloodstream. 


Lexaria is already generating profits on CBD-infused beverages and edibles, a market that Statistaestimated will be worth $2.65 billion by 2025. That gives them a solid baseline as they prepare to enter the anti-hypertensive drug market, which is worth roughly $30 billion. 


In addition to all of this, Lexaria is also conducting studies on human cell cultures exposed to SARS-CoV-2 virus that are then treated with DehydraTECHTMprocessed drugs. The objective is to find a faster, more potent way of delivering life-saving treatments for Covid. 



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