News Announcing MAX Token Listing on MEXC Global & BitMart Exchange

London, UK – (NewMediaWire) – May 22, 2023 –, the world’s first Web3 social
impact protocol, is proud to announce the listing of its MAX Coin on MEXC
Global & BitMart Exchange at 15th May 2023 10 AM UTC.

MAX Coin is the governance and utility
token of Maxity that enables charities, donors, volunteers, and investors to
benefit from Maxity’s ecosystem. It has a total supply of 1,000,000,000 tokens,
which will be released according to MAX Coin’s vesting schedule over the period
2023 to 2026.

Maxity has integrated NFTs, MAX Forest,
the Volunteer and Reward and SocialFi models, and the Symbiotic Metaverse to
innovate the charity ecosystem and contribute to the United Nations’ Global
Goals. By leveraging blockchain technology, Maxity aims to revolutionise the
charitable industry by bringing transparency, accountability, and efficiency to
the donation process. The MAX Coin is an essential part of the Symbiotic
Metaverse and serves as the governance token of Maxity under the Volunteer and
Reward model.

“MAX Coin has been listed today, on
MEXC Global and BitMart Exchange, with prices skyrocketing by over 600% in a
single day, which is exhilarating,” Professor Xiong, the Associate
Vice-President for External Engagement of Surrey University and Director of
Maxity, stated. “This is just the beginning. In 2023, a year marked by a
complex macro-financial environment and the end of a bearish trend in the
cryptocurrency industry,, as a representative project of Web3.0+ESG,
holds great significance in its coin issuance. MAX Coin will drive Maxity to
unite global philanthropists, utilising the potential of the Web3 industry and
blockchain technology to address various issues in global sustainable
development. The future of Maxity looks promising!”

It is reported that on May 4th, at the
Creating Resilience and Sustainable Innovations Through Emerging Technologies
conference held at the United Nations headquarters, was studied and
discussed by experts as an excellent case of blockchain technology addressing
the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Maxity has currently raised funds for 138
global charitable organisations through NFTs and MAX Forest, working together
with these organisations to address issues such as poverty, hunger, disability,
education, gender equality, clean water, desertification, carbon emission and
climate change.

The platform currently has over 200,000
users participating in philanthropic actions, with a daily active user count
surpassing 30,000. It is making a positive social impact worldwide.

Maxity’s listing on MEXC Global &
BitMart Exchange has gone live on 15th May 2023 and the token sale
of MAX is now open to traders and investors worldwide. This is an excellent
opportunity for those who share Maxity’s vision of creating a better world to
get involved and make a positive impact.

To learn more about Maxity and the MAX
token, please visit our website at

To buy MAX Coin, please visit: MEXCBitMart

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