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Las Vegas, NV – (NewMediaWire) – June 03, 2021 – Maptelligent, Inc., (OTCPK:MAPT), ( is a company which provides indoor mapping capabilities for facility managers and public safety first responders to ensure safer more efficient physical environments for schools, businesses, universities, and hospitals.

Maptelligent, Inc., continuously strives to develop solutions to ensure information is readily available to effectively respond to emergency incidents involving facilities where large numbers of people gather.  Our recent work with a school district in the mid-west validates the importance of providing cloud-based solutions to enable information with public safety/first responders.  The increased number of mass shooting incidents being reported in the national news validates the need for the technology and partnerships Maptelligent has developed.

Maptelligent’s shift from a desktop application to the cloud and mobile based solutions will ensure customers have the information they need when they need it.  Maptelligent is planning to demonstrate its capabilities to a mid-west countywide school system later in June.

To keep our investors informed of our work, Maptelligent, Inc. is pleased to announce we have completed market validation of our work and have received confirmation our solutions resonate with customers.  This validation has provided the opportunity for Maptelligent to effectively rebrand itself and build a whole new website experience for our customers.

Maptelligent, Inc., is launching its new website with a new logo, new brand, and a better way to deliver solutions to customers driven by e-commerce and digital engagement methodologies.  The new website will officially be launched in June 2021.

Joseph Cosio-Barron – CEO and President of Maptelligent, Inc., says, “We are excited about our progress which is being driven by our commitment to delivering solutions the customer really needs not what “we” think they need.”

Joe Cosio-Barron

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