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Pre-Market Movers: 6/14/2023

BWV (BWV) has had an impressive Pre-Market performance. The stock soared by an impressive 134.2%. Trading volume for the stock has also been significantly high with approximately 12,526,000 shares exchanging hands.

Cyberlux Corporation (CYXT) shows a bullish trend in the Pre-Market, as its share price has grown by 59.4%. The trading volume stands at around 81,720,000, which signifies an active interest among traders and investors.

Summit Wireless Technologies, Inc. (WISA) is seeing a robust rise in its share price, witnessing a gain of 43.5% in the Pre-Market session. Its trading volume is also substantial, with about 6,083,000 shares traded.

NextDecade Corporation (NEXT) is performing solidly in the Pre-Market, with a gain of 29.7%. The company has a trading volume of approximately 942,000, indicating an active trading session.

Astrotech Corporation (ASST) is advancing positively in the Pre-Market, showing a gain of 25.0%. Its trading volume is also on the rise, amounting to around 581,000 shares traded.

Oncorus, Inc. (ONCR) has shown a decent gain of 16.3% in the Pre-Market. There is a high trading activity around the stock, with the trading volume standing at around 10,460,000.

Newhall Hospital, Inc. (NHWK) is up by 15.5% in the Pre-Market, showing a positive investor sentiment. The trading volume for the company stands at around 1,984,000.

Agile Therapeutics, Inc. (AGRX) has witnessed a growth of 12.8% in the Pre-Market. The company has a trading volume of about 519,000. Recently, the company announced the closing of a $7.5M registered direct offering, which is believed to have influenced the positive momentum.

Nikola Corporation (NKLA) is gaining in the Pre-Market with a growth of 12.7%. The trading volume of the company stands at approximately 4,352,000.

Plug Power Inc. (PLUG) has registered a rise of 9.5% in the Pre-Market. The company has traded around 1,404,000 shares, showing significant investor interest.

Applied UV, Inc. (AUVI) has shown a gain of 9.5% in the Pre-Market. There is considerable trading activity for the stock, with the volume standing at around 5,285,000 shares.

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