Smartcard Marketing Systems Inc. (OTCQB:SMKG): Our Pursuit of Artificial Intelligence With Chatbot AI in the Payments, Fintech, Cross-Border and Digital-ID Issuance Sectors


The company offers a large portfolio of proprietary E-commerce, Cloud and Mobility marketplaces and applications with its own Cross-border Payments Rails, Payment Technology, Blockchain Protocols and Embedded Payments from global payment partners for Contact and Contactless payments


New York, NY  – (NewMediaWire) – March 9, 2023 –   SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc (OTCQB: SMKG) is an industry leader in specialized industry e-Commerce, Cloud and Mobility applications delivering White-Label solutions to the global PayTech and FinTech markets. The company is providing Business Intelligence, Chatbot AI and Digital Transformation Strategies with a proprietary portfolio of applications and wireframes for Banking, Enterprises, IoT and Retail e-Wallets/m-Wallets offering Blockchain Protocols, Crypto Issuing, NFT Minting, Digital Assets Tokenization, Digital-ID, -e-KYC/e-KYB, Events Management and Task Automation Strategies with “License to Own” marketplaces and applications.


The company’s technology portfolio specialized in Embedded Payments, Cross-border Payments and Blockchain, includes Granularchain, Axepay, Genorocity, Check21Saas,, Doctor-Vid, Mytravel, Phaces Io, Anypay Ph, and Mtickets Events to name a select few from our portfolio.


Massimo Barone, CEO, stated, “It’s an exciting time in AI and Payments, as the Digital Transformation of Commerce and Data combine in a methodical and seamless analysis  to form ‘synthetic intelligence’ allowing to optimize task automation. We were very fortunate to acquire a Source Library of a CRM Chatbot AI early to develop and deploy our very own Chatbot AI ‘Abotslife’ which is providing Paytech and Fintech ‘task and process assistance with automation’ for customers and employees to provide an optimized and seamless customer journey 24/7.


“The company is entering an active cycle of white-label customer activations which is allowing us at SMKG to deliver multiple opportunities in several countries simultaneously – despite the recent challenges and delays that were caused with the disruption in the Blockchain and Crypto Markets. The challenges facing many Financial Institutions caused the freeze on New Activations or respectfully Deferring activations as Regulators and Policymakers sent shockwaves recently into the Crypto markets.


“We understand the difficulties this process has caused for many as we recently went through a diligent process with the US SEC to receive our Effective S1 Registration on Jan 31st, 2023 and become a SEC Reporting Issuer on Feb 15th 2023 – which contained elements of Blockchain Protocols and Crypto Issuing technology in  our IP Portfolio.”


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Recently the CEO Massimo Barone participated at the Emerging Growth Conference #50 

Our CEO Massimo Barone highlighted our Cloud and Mobility commerce strategies through white-label licensing of its Technology Marketplaces and Applications with Embedded Payments, Cross-border FX Rails and Blockchain Protocols as a service.

He emphasized on the current challenges that FIs and Enterprises globally are facing in Digital Transformation and Cross-border and the need to adapt but also need to minimize or eliminate upfront CAPEX and how SMKG brings the offering of Marketplace Multi-Tenant Platforms “As a Service” minimizing or eliminating upfront CAPEX that being the beginning of a new Digital Era.

SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc. (OTC:SMKG) achieves a combination of offerings for digital transformation with over 22+ IP portfolio for clients. These are white-label Cloud and Mobility solutions that cater to multi-industry use cases globally. This includes a big forward step into Web 3.0, Banking 4.0 and IoT solutions.

The use of embedded payments, blockchain utilities, AI, compliance and regulatory framework create efficiencies and fast-track deployments.

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We seek a safe harbor.


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